Telefonica Vivo and Quantenna bring wireless TV to Brazil

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
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Vivo TV Fiber Subscribers to Experience Pixel-Perfect HDTV Streaming Anywhere in Their Homes

SAO PAULO — ABTA 2014 — Quantenna Communications, Inc., the leader in ultra-high-performance Wi-Fi, today announced that Brazilian telecom giant Telefonica Vivo has chosen Quantenna technology to power its first wireless IPTV service.

Unveiled at the ABTA Expo and Conference, the Vivo TV Fiber Wi-Fi Decoder eliminates the need for wired TV connections, delivering crystal-clear HD video to any TV anywhere in the home within range of its Wi-Fi signal.

At the heart of the Wi-Fi Decoder is Quantenna’s groundbreaking 4×4 Wi-Fi architecture, which delivers optimal performance in any home, even those with brick and concrete construction. With its 5GHz operation, four spatial streams and Universal Beamforming, the Wi-Fi Decoder enables Vivo TV Fiber subscribers to enjoy separate HD video streams on multiple TV’s at once.

“With the launch of our wireless TV service, the dream that led to our partnership with Quantenna has become a reality,” said Rubens Cesar Bastos, Global Devices Manager of Telefonica Group. “Telefonica Vivo’s customers can now enjoy the freedom, convenience and unparalleled picture quality that only the world’s most advanced wireless technology can provide. It’s yet another way we’re delivering on the promise of TV Everywhere.”

In 2011, Telefonica’s venture capital arm, Telefonica Ventures, invested in Quantenna as a core component of Telefonica’s IPTV deployment strategy in Europe and Latin America.

“The future of TV demands the ultimate in Wi-Fi technology,” said Quantenna CEO Sam Heidari. “Quantenna pioneered the carrier-grade Wi-Fi needed to deliver wireless IPTV in perfect HD quality. Now, through our partnership with Telefonica, we’ve led the way into a new market, enabling millions of viewers to experience TV without wires for the first time.”

Heidari will be speaking at ABTA on the subject of “Video Delivery over Wi-Fi,” explaining how high-performance Wi-Fi can help carriers with deployment. The session will take place Thursday, August 7th, 2014, 13:00-13:40 in Room 1, STA, Transamerica Expo Center.