Hitachi to install ISDB-T transmitters in Botswana

Thursday, October 30th, 2014
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Package Order for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Transmitters from the State-run Broadcasting Station in Botswana

  • Creating an Environment for Viewing Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
    in Botswana

Hitachi Kokusai Linear Equipamentos Eletrônicos S/A (hereafter “HKL”), a Brazilian subsidiary of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. (hereafter “our company”; President and Chief Executive Officer: Manabu Shinomoto) recently received a package order for digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmitters (hereafter “digital transmitters”) from Botswana TV, a state-run broadcasting station in the Republic of Botswana (hereafter “Botswana”).

The package order HKL received included the design, production, installation and construction of all of the digital transmitters located in 45 transmitting stations in Botswana.

HKL’s 45 digital transmitters will be gradually delivered from March to June in 2015 in an effort to create an environment for viewing digital television broadcasting in Botswana.


In February 2013, Botswana, as the first in Africa, made the decision to adopt Japan’s ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial) standard as their digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard. Preparation of the infrastructure development for the start of digital terrestrial television broadcasting is now taking place.

In March 2013, entrusted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, our company carried out demonstration tests of digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Botswana. In July and November, high-level government officials of Botswana, including the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration and the Minister of Transport and Communications, visited Tokyo Works, our facility in Tokyo (Kodaira-shi, Tokyo), and discussed the features and strengths of Japan’s ISDB-T transmitters, as well as considerations for introducing the equipment to Botswana.

Overview on the transmitters

The IS series digital transmitters to be delivered in this order are compatible with Japan’s ISDB-T standard. They are very durable, and can operate smoothly even in areas where stable power supplies may not be guaranteed. The overall performance of this type of transmitter, including the after-sales service system for the local partner, has been well received.

Future developments

Our company is accelerating efforts to increase its global market share of broadcasting equipment, and aims to be one of the world’s leading providers of video and wireless network solutions. We have been developing a “local production for local consumption” production system on a global level by acquiring 100 percent of the shares of a Brazilian television broadcasting transmitter manufacturer (now known as Hitachi Kokusai Linear Equipamentos Eletrônicos S/A) in 2011, establishing an overseas subsidiary in Turkey in 2013, and investing in a digital transmitter manufacturer in the US, Comark Communications LLC, in 2014. Using this framework, we will contribute to the diffusion of digital terrestrial television broadcasting in various countries around the world, starting with Botswana.