Infineon Leads Digital Mobile TV with Innovative and Energy-Efficient Tuner IC Solutions

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Neubiberg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain — Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX), a leading provider of communication ICs, today announced two new highly integrated and power-efficient members of its mobile TV IC family. The OMNIVIA™ TUS 9090 is a fully integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) that includes a multi-band RF Tuner, a DVB-H/T demodulator and integrated memory. The OMNITUNE™ TUA 9001 is a direct-conversion multi-band silicon tuner, covering VHF, UHF as well as L-Bands. With 50 ohm RF inputs and external LNA support this family is suited for applications that require only a single VHF/UHF antenna input and excellent sensitivity. These products target digital mobile TV applications such as mobile phones, PDA’s, mobile media players and laptops. Enabling miniaturization of electronics system design, these new Infineon solutions will drive mobile TV towards lower system costs, reduced power consumption and an increased adoption rate of mobile TV technology and applications.

“The two new tuner solutions primarily address mobile applications and offer system IP blocks to further complement our mobile handset platform for high-end phones,” said Giuseppe Calarco, Vice President of Communication Solutions Business Group and General Manager of the TV Receivers Product Line of Infineon. “As mobility continues to be an ever-increasing trend, mobile TV capabilities will become a key market differentiator for handsets. Today, we are well-positioned in this market segment due to our advanced process technology, IP, baseband and RF system know-how. Our latest digital tuners and demodulator ICs enable our customers to enter and competitively participate in this emerging market through our value-add advanced solutions”.

Market figures show a consistent increase in demand for mobile TV. According to the market research company Strategy Analytics, annual sales of mobile TV-enabled devices will rise to 185 million units worldwide by 2012. That is a five-year growth rate (CAGR) of 72 percent.

OMNIVIA™ TUS 9090 – A Fully Integrated DVB-H/T Demodulator, Digital RF Tuner and Memory (SOC)

The Infineon OMNIVIA TUS 9090 is a fully integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) front-end for the multi-band worldwide reception of DVB-H/T signals, integrating the RF silicon tuner, the DVB-H/T demodulator, as well as on-chip memory to support multiple service reception. In time-slicing mode with 10 percent duty cycle, the OMNIVIA TUS 9090 operates at less than 50mW, making this device highly power efficient.

Manufactured using the Infineon 130nm CMOS RF technology, the Infineon OMNIVIA TUS 9090 is available in a semi-ball grid array (SGA) of 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8 mm package. Alternatively it can also be provided as bare-die thanks to the flip chip technology. The die enables handheld device manufacturers to integrate it directly into modules, thus achieving an extremely low profile of less than 1.0 mm.

The innovative TUS 9090 monolithic IC is fully compliant with MBRAI II specifications. The RF sensitivity is better than -98dBm. The doppler performance Fd3dB@MBRAI is 170Hz (QPSK). Similar performances have been measured for single frequency network (SFN) situations. The IC hosts the complete firmware, which includes automatic features such as channel profile detection, frequency scanning and PSI/SI parsing. In addition, Infineon also provides the drivers which are compatible with major middleware products in the market.

OMNITUNE™ TUA 9001 – Multi-Band RF Silicon Tuner

The Infineon OMNITUNE TUA 9001 is a direct-conversion RF receiver which can fully support multi-band reception for VHF, UHF as well as L-Bands. The OMNITUNE TUA 9001 targets digital mobile TV applications, such as mobile phones, PDA’s, handheld media players, and laptops, serving the wide range of regional markets. This compact single-chip also offers unique power optimization by including both a single-supply operation mode that ranges from 2.8V to 3.3V or a dual-supply operation at 1.8/2.8V. In a 10 percent duty cycle mode, the power consumption is only 18mW, up to 25 percent lower than most existing solutions in the market.

Manufactured using the Infineon 130nm CMOS RF technology, the OMNITUNE TUA 9001 has a footprint of only 5 x 5 mm and can optionally be offered as bare-die. The OMNITUNE TUA 9001 integrates a number of components, including the loop filter, crystal oscillator and LNA (low noise amplifier).

In addition, this IC eliminates the need for SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters, which further reduces system costs and overall electronics real estate. The Infineon OMNITUNE TUA 9001 saves up to 16 square mm of board area compared to existing solutions.


The OMNIVIA TUS 9090 is currently sampling with key customers and mass production is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008.

The OMNITUNE TUA 9001 is currently sampling with key customers and mass production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2008.

Infineon will showcase and demonstrate its new tuner solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona, in Hall 1, Booth B19.