100 million with Fiber-to-the-Home in Asia-Pacific

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
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Number of people receiving Fiber-to-the-Home in Asia-Pacific reaches 100 million milestone

  • Growth of content and demand for bandwidth is credited with helping to boost take-up of the technology

New figures have revealed that 100 million people in the Asia-Pacific region are now subscribed to Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services.

The major milestone, shown by analyst house Ovum’s latest statistics, was announced today by the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific, which promotes and encourages the adoption of fiber technologies.

Work by the council, including the sharing of accurate and unbiased information about regulatory policies, standards and best practice, is credited as contributing to the successful take up of FTTH services in the region.

“Asia-Pacific is leading the world in FTTH subscribers and this is a major milestone which represents a tremendous financial investment and a strong understanding of the future of networking infrastructure,” said Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst at Ovum. “It reflects the growth of content and the continuous demand for content.

“This region also reflects a wide range of deployment models – from strong government goals to innovative wholesale-retail models to crossing the digital divide with support for e-health and e-education in rural regions. In addition this major milestone was achieved through innovative solutions from fiber cabling suppliers along with component and equipment vendors.”

FTTH Council Asia-Pacific has been working to boost the number of FTTH subscribers and its latest achievement has come ahead of its ten-year anniversary next year. As well as sharing relevant information in order to educate and promote, the council also works directly with network operators to ensure they have the confidence and resources to deploy FTTH. A number of seminars and workshops with guest speakers are also organized by the council throughout the year.

President of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Dr Bernard Lee was today sharing the story of the council’s success at the two-day FTTH Council MENA Conference.

“This achievement is the result of hard work carried out by all council parties, especially the board of directors who have gone beyond the call of duty in order to promote FTTH and the great benefits it can bring,” he said. “When network operators in Asia-Pacific deploy FTTH they know that they will always have the FTTH Council standing by and we are extremely proud to have played a part in reaching such a significant milestone.”

The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific will hold its own annual conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, next May as part of its tenth anniversary.

Hasan Munasir Choudhury, General Manager, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific, added: “This achievement emphasizes the importance of the council’s work and we remain committed to ensuring operators have the resources and confidence to deploy the technology in a way that makes it accessible to all businesses and individuals.”