Amino and Incognito Software Systems announce TR-069 interoperability

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
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Amino and Incognito Software Systems announce TR-069 interoperability for device portfolio

Amino, leader in IPTV, announces today that its set-top box range has successfully completed TR-069 interoperability testing with Incognito Software Systems, a global provider of broadband device provisioning, IP address management, bandwidth monitoring and service activation solutions.

Auto Configuration Server (ACS) from Incognito Software is an end-to-end service fulfilment and device-provisioning solution that allows operators to remotely manage customer-premises equipment (CPE) over any IP network. This helps service providers improve Quality of Experience (QoE) with faster device time-to-market, enhanced network monitoring, and better customer support tools.

More than 150 million devices worldwide are managed using the industry standard TR-069 protocol, which was established by the Broadband Forum to improve management of remote devices. Incognito Auto Configuration Server is a fully open and standards-compliant solution, enabling operators to add set-top box monitoring as part of their wider network management toolkit.

“Amino prides itself on the quality of its devices — both in terms of robust software stack and hardware — with the lowest return rates in the industry. However, we are always striving to improve capabilities that will enable operators to better manage and monitor their networks — and reduce operating costs,” said Amino CEO Donald McGarva.

Operators benefit by being able to monitor, manage, and diagnose set-top boxes and provide advanced troubleshooting and pre-emptive support — often solving issues before the end-user realises there is a problem.

“Working closely with leading hardware manufacturers allows Incognito to unleash the full potential of CPE,” said Bob Petrovic, product marketing manager at Incognito Software Systems.” Service providers benefit from an integrated end-to-end solution, designed to improve customer QoE for Internet and IPTV services while reducing the time it takes for administrators to resolve subscriber issues.”