Morega demos media mobility on Intel Ultra HD gateway at CES2015

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
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Morega Demonstrates Media Mobility on Intel Corporations’s Baker Lake Ultra HD Gateway at CES 2015

  • Combining Anytime/Anywhere Media with DOCSIS 3.1, HEVC, and Ultra HD 4K Enables Service Providers to Offer Critically Important Services at Cost Effective Price Points

TORONTO — Morega Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Media Mobility solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate a headed gateway solution at International CES 2015 that combines Intel’s revolutionary Baker Lake reference design for Ultra HD, High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) and DOCSIS 3.1 with Morega’s field-proven software for giving consumers access to their subscription linear TV and DVR content on IP devices inside and outside of the home. At the heart of Baker Lake is a ViXS XCode 6400 System-on-Chip that contains a powerful ARM core and the world’s only commercially shipping silicon solution for Ultra HD 4K and HEVC. The resulting solution is an incredibly cost-effective platform for delivering high-speed data services, wireless access, DVR, Over The Top (OTT) video, and subscription video to the whole home as well as live or recorded video to mobile devices outside the consumer’s residence. Service providers deploying products based on this design will realize a decrease in overall home capital expenses while also introducing advanced media mobility services to consumers, creating a significantly improved value proposition for existing and new subscribers.

Morega’s Media Mobility solution combines software in the gateway with client applications and cloud servers to create a robust system for delivering consumer’s favorite recorded or live content, as either a file or a stream, to their phones, tablets, and computers, regardless of being inside the home or on the go. Deploying with Tier 1 customers in pay television, consumer electronics and in-flight entertainment systems, Morega’s Media Mobility solution is proven to be a reliable, revenue-generating system that scales gracefully and is easy to support and maintain.

“By porting to the Baker Lake platform, Morega continues to be at the forefront of providing consumers with solutions for having the content that matters always at hand,” said Buddy Snow, President and CEO, Morega Systems Inc. “We are excited to be working with industry leaders Intel and ViXS to help bring a ground-breaking new solution to market.”