BigBand Networks Reaches Switched Digital Video Milestone in Motorola Set-Top Box Environments

Thursday, February 21st, 2008
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BigBand deploying across Motorola systems that pass more than 1 million households

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — BigBand Networks, Inc., (NASDAQ: BBND), the pioneer and deployment leader in switched digital video (SDV), today announced that it has reached a milestone for SDV deployment in Motorola set-top-box environments. The company is in the process of deploying across three Motorola cable systems with two different cable operators that collectively pass more than 1 million households.

“Operators are actively deploying our SDV solution in Motorola systems,” said Biren Sood, BigBand’s vice president and general manager of cable video. “SDV continues to be the most cost-efficient way to expand HDTV in any set-top environment; approximately one fourth the cost of an immediate all-digital migration according to our calculations.”

BigBand’s Motorola deployments build upon the company’s expanding SDV deployment experience in more than 20 cable systems across North America. BigBand is currently deploying its fifth-generation SDV solution, is deploying SDV across four electronic programming guide environments and has achieved significantly more commercial SDV deployments than any other vendor.

“Our deployment experience and interoperability work in a wide range of set-top box, electronic programming guide and conditional access systems has allowed us to harden our solution to address nuances associated with deploying in various operating environments,” continued Sood. “We’re optimistic that more Motorola set-top systems will soon begin to see the significant HDTV growth that our field-hardened SDV solution can deliver.”

BigBand’s switched digital video solutions are being commercially deployed by six operators across more than 20 cable systems that pass more than 12.5 million households.