Dial Telecom launches KUKI TV for its fibre customers in the Czech Republic

Friday, March 6th, 2015
Dial Telecom logo

PRAGUE — Dial Telecom has launched KUKI TV for its fibre customers in the Czech Republic. The IPTV service can be viewed either on a television via an HD set-top box or on up to four mobile devices.

The set-top box (ARRIS VIP 1113) doubles as a video recorder, capable of recording 10 hours of programming. It also includes a catch up service covering the previous 48 hours. The recording capacity can be increased to 50 or 100 hours for an additional fee.

There are two subscription options. The basic package (Kuki TV Menší) consists of 15 channels plus a selection of 15 more from the 100 that are available. The more expensive package (Kuki TV Větší) consists of 60 channels – a standard 30 plus a selection of 30 more. Users can also add premium channels such as HBO and Cinemax. Kuki TV Menší is CZK 204 per month and Kuki TV Větší is CZK 396 per month.

Users get free access to an on-demand video library of more than 1000 titles, with the ability to purchase additional premium content.

Kuki TV is provided in cooperation with SMART Comp.