ANCOM awards more digital TV multiplexes in Romania

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
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4 DTT Multiplexes Awarded Following the Initial Bids

Following the initial bids submitted by the three candidates qualified in the Romanian auction for DTT multiplexes, the auction commission announces that 4 multiplexes have been awarded. Thus, Info Total Press S.A. won 3 multiplexes (2 regional ones, in Suceava and Botoşani, and a local one, in Bacău) and TV Sat 2002 won 1 regional multiplex, in Buzău.

Since the companies Grup Est Security S.R.L. and Info Total Press S.A. submitted bids for the same multiplex in Piatra Neamţ, the auction will continue by the primary rounds to begin on Monday, 18 May 2015.

The minimum licence fee, which is the starting price for each of the regional and local multiplexes, ranges from EUR 1,000 for a multiplex allotted within a locality that is not a county capital to EUR 10,000, for a multiplex awarded at the level of a county. The licence fees have been established by a Government Decision, in February 2014.

Regional and local multiplexes will cover specific assignment areas with digital terrestrial television services, areas which may correspond to one county or one locality. All the multiplexes will be awarded for a 10-year period.

A digital multiplex is a group of radio broadcasting and television programmes, additional multimedia services and other associated identification data transmitted from the emission stations to the end-users by terrestrial radio means, using digital modulation within the limits of a standard television channel/frequency block.

This is the third auction organised by ANCOM for awarding DTT multiplexes. The first auction was completed in June 2014, when three national multiplexes were awarded to the National Broadcasting Company, this company winning the free to air multiplex and two other multiplexes in the UHF band, for EUR 1,020,002, i.e. licence fee.

Nine regional DTT multiplexes were awarded following an auction completed in February 2015. The winners were: Regal, which was awarded 1 regional multiplex (Râmnicu Vâlcea) for EUR 8,010, Cargo Sped, which was awarded 1 regional multiplex (Sibiu) for EUR 8,001, 2K Telecom, which was awarded 5 regional multiplexes (4 in Bucharest and one in Ploieşti) for a licence fee of EUR 52,000, Radio M Plus, which obtained 1 regional multiplex (Iaşi), for EUR 10,000 and Digital Video Broadcast, which won 1 regional multiplex (Satu Mare), for EUR 8,000.