ALBtelecom to upgrade IPTV with Thomson Video Networks

Thursday, June 4th, 2015
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ALBtelecom accelerates the investments for the latest technology of IPTV

A year after the successful launch of IPTV service (ALBTV), ALBtelecom has decided to build new systems in order to further improve the capacity and quality of this service.

ALBtelecom has chosen “Thomson Networks”, the famous international company for IPTV video services and “Audio Streaming” systems. Within a month ALBtelecom will build streaming systems with higher capacity of IPTV that supports “Ultra HD” and 240 live channels.

A special side of this system is that it allows television services to be used in mobile phones.

The mobile users will have the opportunity of a better TV experience with highest picture and sound resolution and uninterrupted service.

IPTV Service (ALBTV), which was launched in all cities of Albania has continuously increased the number of users.

Now all subscribers of ALBtelecom have the opportunity to take four services in a single invoice and in a single point. ALBtv offers a variety of TV channels on two television platform and “Video on Demand” service.