MStar develops Ginga STB platform with MOPA Embedded Systems

Friday, July 10th, 2015
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MStar launches its Production-Ready Ginga middleware integrated Set-Top-Box platform for Brazil Analog Switch-off with MOPA Embedded Systems

MStar Semiconductor, Inc., a leading semiconductor company for TV, set-top-box, display and digital home solutions, is supporting Brazil Analog Switch-Off (ASO) and the transition to richer digital TV services with a complete Production-Ready digital set-top-box platform developed in close cooperation with MOPA Embedded Systems, the Brazilian digital-TV software specialist.

MOPA Embedded System has partnered with MStar in Ginga solution for MStar TV SoC product line several years. With existing successful experience on Ginga TV market, now MOPA further offers Production-Level middleware that fully implements the Ginga specification to benefit MStar’s STB solution. Leveraging this cooperation, MStar can offers STB manufactures and brands to have the most efficient way to meet Brazilian government requirements during ASO program.

The MStar’s MPEG-4/MPEG-2 HD ISDB-T chipsets offer a high optimized set-top-box SoC platform for the Brazilian market, with running Brazil’s digital TV Ginga middleware standards (Java and NCL). The Ginga middleware is mandated by the Brazilian government for Brazil set-top boxes ASO program.

“As we’ve built a cost-efficient SoC solution to support ASO program for Brazil market,” says Ray Lung, GM of Americas, set-top box Business Unit at MStar Semiconductor Inc. “We deliver the most optimized platform with MOPA Embedded Systems which complies with the requirements for ASO as mandated by the Brazilian government. The solution is tailored for the specific needs for Brazil to provide richer and advanced TV experience to the country.”