MStar integrates Verimatrix VCAS Ultra for 4K TVs

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
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MStar Enhances Security for 4K TVs with Verimatrix VideoMark Forensic Watermarking

  • VCAS Ultra Revenue Security with Integrated VideoMark Positions MStar TV SoC for UHD-ready Smart TVs

LAS VEGAS — CES 2016 — MStar Semiconductor, Inc., a leading global semiconductor company for display and digital home solutions, today announced that it has extended its partnership with Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, to offer a highly secure system-on-chip (SoC) specifically designed for UHD/4K connected TVs. The MStar G6P2 SoC has been integrated with the advanced security features of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) Ultra, including hardware-based VideoMark™ forensic watermarking, to meet the MovieLabs security requirements for premium UHD/4K video.

The MStar G6P2 DTV SoC is a highly integrated, all-in-one smart TV solution that supports dual-channel 8/10-bit LVDS output, DTV channel decoding, HEVC/MPEG decoding, VP9 decoding, 3D formatter, and additional security features including Secure Video Path and HDCP2.2. It incorporates a high-performance CPU, GPU, AV codec/security engines, and the advanced video processing engine, MStarACE-PRO4UC fitting for 4K/HDR content.

“G6P2 SoC integrated with VideoMark forensic watermarking will give smart TV manufacturers a head start on their ability to support 4K/UHD services,” said Wayne Tsai, marketing director at MStar. “We are thrilled to partner with Verimatrix to be one of the first to market with a solution that will help our customers establish secure, end-to-end chain of custody for their premium UHD content.”

Verimatrix VCAS Ultra extends operators’ reach to premium UHD services and advanced hybrid network deployments with enhanced content security profiles that have been designed in accordance with MovieLabs’ security guidelines for UHD content. VCAS Ultra is uniquely positioned to provide UHD protection with a balanced, integrated approach to security, which includes its fully integrated VideoMark watermarking technology. Hardware-based VideoMark provides a valuable deterrent in the fight against piracy by protecting high-quality content from rising threats of unauthorized redistribution through a robust, multi-layered security architecture.

“This latest integration with MStar builds on our long-standing relationship to deliver solutions that are highly valued by pay-TV operators,” said Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix. “Delivering and securing premium UHD content is uncharted territory for the industry, so we are committed to enhancing our ecosystem with trusted partners to give next-generation video service providers peace of mind when launching new services.”

At CES 2016, a hardware-based VideoMark demonstration will be available at the MStar demo suite at The Venetian Suite 31-227/229.