Sigma Designs Frame Rate Converter IC supports Ultra HD and Multiple HDR standards

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
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Sigma Designs Introduces Industry’s First Single Chip Frame Rate Converter (FRC) Supporting Ultra HD and Multiple High Dynamic Range Standards

FREMONT, CA — CES Las Vegas — Sigma Designs® (NASDAQ: SIGM), a leading provider of intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) solutions focused on Internet of Things ( IoT), Smart TV and media connectivity markets today announced the FRC8200, a single chip solution for Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) frame rate conversion, at CES 2016. This powerful solution provides the most advanced content processing and flexibly interfaces with any next generation smart TV SoC, including large LCD and OLED UHD TV sets.

HDR and Ultra HD (UHD) together offer a significant enhancement in the television viewing experience, delivering much more of the image quality that the human eye is capable of perceiving, but was not able to be processed by television sets before now. The new FRC8200 chip seamlessly combines the functionality of up to five devices in one, supporting critical features including: high quality frame rate conversion, judder removal and Ultra HD upscaling. It is also the first integrated chip to offer an embedded universal HDR engine that supports rendering of HDR content in various standards, with support for SMPTE, HDR-10, Dolby Vision™and Ultra HD Blu-ray HDR.

“Ultra HD TV is quickly ramping up and becoming the mainstream standard for new TV sets with High Dynamic Range as the next key feature. Sigma Designs is the leader in high dynamic range empowering the first industry Dolby Vision™ TV going to mass production. High Dynamic Range brings richer color and higher contrast, further improving quality of experience for viewers. The FRC8200 allows fast and easy adoption of HDR technology to any TV OEM by using the proven HDR engine inside FRC8200,” said Alfred Chan, Vice President of Product Marketing, Sigma Designs multimedia business unit. “At Sigma Designs, we are committed to being at the leading edge of SoC technology development for HDR and UHD, and with the introduction of the FRC8200, we are setting the standard for integrated and high performance HDR solutions.”

In addition to its performance, the FRC8200 chip incorporates flexible VbyOne input interfaces which allows it to be easily used with other TV SoCs, available from OEMs, in-house design teams or other third-party chip suppliers. Cost is reduced by eliminating the need for FPGAs to render the HDR content as in currently available HDR solutions.

Sigma Designs is at the forefront of the HDR movement, and has been working with leading HDR content technology vendors, such as Dolby, in deploying integrated system-on-chip solutions. FRC8200-based HDR TV sets are scheduled to go into production as early as 2016.

Sigma is demonstrating the first 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision™ TV with Dolby ATMOS™, powered by the Sigma Designs SoC at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, January 6-9 in the Westgate Hotel, suite 2992.