Motive releases TabletTV App for Apple TV in the U.S.

Monday, February 1st, 2016
Motive Television logo

First to provide viewing of broadcast network channels on the Apple TV platform

On 14 September, Motive Television PLC, the technology provider to broadcasters and pay television operators, announced its intention to make TabletTV available on the new Apple TV platform in the United States, United Kingdom, and throughout the world.

Today, Motive is pleased to announce that it has received approval from Apple for its App and released it for sale and use on the Apple TV platform.

The TabletTV App for Apple TV will enable users who have TPod tuner antennas in the United States to download the Apple TV version of the App from the Apple TV store, and use their TPod to watch available over-the-air networks and local channels on their main televisions via Apple TV. These channels are not otherwise viewable on the Apple TV platform and contain much of the most popular entertainment, sports, and information content in the United States market.

Future updates to the newest member of the TabletTV family will add additional functionalities and added features found in TabletTV US for mobile devices. Users of TabletTV in the United States will be able to download the Apple TV version of the App without additional cost, whereas new users will need to buy a TPod antenna/tuner to use the service.

TabletTV Plus already provides the ability to easily transfer what is on the tablet screen and all its features to view on the main TV through the use of Airplay and Apple TV. However, the new Apple TV version of Motive’s App will not require the use of a tablet to watch on the large screen.

The new App is available for Apple TV in the United States only and versions for the UK and other markets will be released in the near future.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive commented, “We are aware that a number of companies are hard at work to create Apps and reception devices that make it possible to view broadcast network channels on the Apple TV platform. It is a notable accomplishment that Motive is the first to do so based on our leading technology.”