Magyar Telekom converts analogue cable customers to DVB-C

Friday, January 29th, 2016
Magyar Telekom logo

Telekom switches for digital tv in further settlements

BUDAPEST — Magyar Telekom (Reuters: MTEL.BU and Bloomberg: MTELEKOM HB) has reached another important stage of modernising its telecommunication network. Starting from March 1, the company – resulting from the continuous development in the past months – introduces excellent quality, non-encrypted digital cable television service to subscribers of analogue cable television service, available in certain settlements for instance in Budapest and Marcali.

The gradually implemented conversion – not effecting the local TV channels – does not impact the monthly fee or channel assortment of the existing services, in other words subscribers can enjoy TV services at the same price and in substantially better quality. Beside enabling a spectacular improvement in image and audio quality, digital TV also offers electronic programme guide and parental lock. Subscribers therefore can browse through the programme guide, while also securing the TV content for young children.

Customers using TV sets with EUROscart or RCA connectors (CRT TV models) need appropriate signal converters, media converters – attachable to the TV without professional help – which Telekom forwards to the relevant analogue customers free of charge. If somebody wants to watch the non-encrypted digital cable television programme on multiple TV sets having no DVB-C digital signal converter tuner, then further media converters can be purchased from Telekom at the customer service or on the web. Naturally, instead of purchasing a signal converter, one can also replace the old TV set with a modern TV (with DVB-C tuner).

The quality upgrade – implemented at different times depending on the regions – also impacts customers using the analogue service additional to the IPTV service on multiple TV sets, without further monthly fees. Using the appropriate TV sets (the majority of ‘flat’ TV sets sold in Hungary is equipped with DVB-C tuner), they are advised to tune their sets to the new digital channels at the earliest, before March – following the owners manual instructions supplied with their sets.

One can also order further set top boxes from Telekom, additional to the existing IPTV subscription, enabling perfect enjoyment of the channel assortment included in the tariff package, on multiple TV sets.