Quadrille selects Cubiware as Push VOD middleware partner

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
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Quadrille Selects TiVo’s Cubiware as Middleware Partner for Push VOD Solution

SAN JOSE, CA — Cubiware, a Warsaw, Poland based subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced its continued expansion across Europe and MEA with an extended partnership with Quadrille, a French high-tech company focused on Digital TV software and services. As a result of the partnership, Cubiware will fully integrate its Middleware solutions with Quadrille’s Push VOD technology making it available on a wide range of cost-efficient Set-top Box platforms targeted for leading pay-TV operators in emerging markets.

Quadrille’s Push VOD solution allows for the sending and storing of full catalogs of videos locally on set-top boxes, which can then be easily accessed by the Cubiware middleware solution. This provides easy access to high quality content without any disruption of service even for subscribers not equipped with a broadband connection.

CubiTV features a highly intuitive interface that makes it easy for subscribers to navigate advanced TV functionality. It also includes a revolutionary graphics-rendering engine that delivers fast, sleek menus and program guides with high-quality animations, transitions, and effects. Designed to run on low-power, small footprint DTV and IPTV processors from all major silicon vendors, the STB versions of CubiTV may be deployed on both modern and legacy devices, thereby minimizing the need for hardware replacement.

“Since 2012, Quadrille has been a great partner to Cubiware, using our middleware to expand across Europe, Africa and Middle East,” said Jakub Gorski, co-founder of Cubiware. “This collaboration provides broadcasters the choice to introduce innovative on-demand offering also for territories with weak broadband penetration.”

“Our partnership with Cubiware has been transformative to our business,” said Xavier Battas, CEO of Quadrille. “The integrated CubiTV-Push VOD technology allows broadcasters to deploy push video services while saving on transmission costs, creating an attractive option across the board.”