Paywizard selected by Asian Vision Cable in the Philippines

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
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Paywizard Selected by Asian Vision Cable to Support Drive for Customer Acquisition and Churn Reduction

  • Cable operator in the Philippines chooses Paywizard Agile to provide a single customer view across South Luzon regions
  • Analytics and Insights from The Paywizard Agile platform will enable Asian Vision Cable to provide a unified approach to subscription management, marketing and billing

LONDON — Paywizard, the specialist in subscription, billing and CRM for pay-TV, has today announced that Asian Vision Cable, one of the leading cable service providers in the Philippines, has selected the Paywizard Agile platform to enable a seamless approach to customer relationship management (CRM) and create a more unified approach to its marketing and promotions.

By selecting Paywizard, Asian Vision Cable is able to build a single customer view, bringing together data from each of the operator’s individual business units to create a unified subscriber database. The Paywizard solution allows Asian Vision Cable to align its business model and create a single set of offers and discounts, while also reducing the overhead costs associated with setting up new subscriptions across a fragmented network.

“We needed a solution that was able to provide us with data and insights on our entire subscriber base, across multiple territories in Southern Luzon regions, explains Mr. Pipes Vince III, Chief Operating Officer at Asian Vision Cable. “With a combination of insight, expertise and next-generation technology from Paywizard, we will be able to hone our approach to subscriber management and improve strategic marketing campaigns – to ultimately achieve a consistently positive customer experience, win new subscribers and produce greater profitability”

Paywizard’s Decision Moments dashboard will enable Asian Vision Cable to precisely target customer engagement initiatives. These insights are focused on key ‘Decision Moments’ along customer journey, defined as Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave, and Win Back. The Decision Moments dashboard allows Asian Vision Cable to not only use resources more efficiently and generate reports in a more effective way, but also use the data to understand the reception to specific packages or subscription offers by various customer segments.

“Our partnership with Asian Vision Cable is just the start of a really exciting journey for us in the Asia-Pacific region,” comments Debbie Leishman, Chief Operating Officer at Paywizard. “We’ve been seeing great momentum in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia from service providers looking to comprehensively streamline and enhance their existing subscription, CRM and billing services. In a region that has traditionally had a very manual approach to managing TV subscription packages, our platform is providing Asian Vision Cable and others with the tools needed to make process more efficient while building loyalty and more effectively targeting prospects.”