Cablevisión Argentina launches video services with Minerva

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
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Cablevisión Argentina Launches Next Generation Video Services Powered by the Minerva 10 Platform

  • Minerva’s platform enabled most efficient transition from legacy cable infrastructure to flexible and extensible IP-centric service delivery solution

SAN JOSE, CA — Minerva Networks, the leading provider of service management solutions for connected entertainment, announced that Cablevisión Argentina (CVA) has deployed its Minerva 10 platform to power Cablevisión Flow, CVA’s new full suite of advanced television services.

Cablevisión Flow

In addition to linear and on-demand video services delivered to a set-top box in the home, Cablevisión Flow customers can access content via mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. Subscribers can start watching a show on one device, and seamlessly continue watching it on a different device. Minerva 10’s embedded recommendation engine facilitates content discovery by presenting content based on the user’s viewing history as well as showing trending titles popular with other subscribers. Popular features include:

  • Restart TV: jump back to the beginning of a live TV show while it is being aired
  • Catchup TV: watch shows up to 1-3 days after scheduled time
  • Cloud PVR: schedule your favorite shows to be recorded in the cloud and access recordings from any of your devices
  • Pause Live TV: pause a live show at anytime from any of your devices
  • Multi-Screen TV: watch from your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer
  • Send To Device: dynamically switch viewing from one device to another
  • Multiple profiles: create multiple profiles so each user has personalized suggestions and parental controls
  • Remote Control: use a mobile device to control playback on your TV or other devices

“Minerva was instrumental in enabling us to quickly launch a next generation entertainment service,” says Laura Lozes, Cablevisión’s Product Manager. “After an extensive evaluation our team concluded that the Minerva platform offers the most comprehensive feature set along with superior scalability, ease of deployment and operation. Such a powerful platform provides the foundation upon which we will continue to enhance and extend our service offering.”

“We are delighted to contribute to Cablevision’s innovative transition to a best-of-breed connected entertainment delivery infrastructure,” said Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva Networks. “Cablevisión is now uniquely positioned to leapfrog the market by offering highly targeted and personalized television services. We are very proud to be selected as their next-generation platform partner and we are looking forward to contributing to their exciting future.”