EWE TEL adopts white label IPTV solution from Zattoo

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
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EWE TEL starts offering a new generation of mobile TV applications counting on IPTV provider Zattoo

  • Zattoo is further establishing itself as the preferred provider of IP-based TV solutions for European network operators

ZURICH — Since the end of September the telecommunications company EWE TEL from Northern Germany has been offering its customers a new generation of mobile TV applications for iOS and Android devices as well as online TV for PC and laptop. EWE TEL’s decision for the IPTV platform and the applications from Zattoo, has greatly enhanced its existing TV product line.

Along with customers of the EWE brand, customers from the areas Bremen, Bremerhaven and Osnabrück will also benefit from the upgrade because swb TV and osnatel TV have also made the move to the Zattoo platform and the Zattoo “White Label” applications at the same time.

Zattoo’s “White Label” TV solution offers network operators the possibility of establishing their own IP-based TV solution under their very own brand in a very short period of time and with full control over the costs. This is made possible by the fact that Zattoo takes over the complete development as well as the hosting and operation of the entire IPTV platform including applications. EWE TEL is now the third large German network operator to turn to Zattoo for a modern IPTV solution after M-net and NetCologne.

“With the Zattoo IPTV platform and the applications that Zattoo implements for us, we can offer our customers a greatly improved mobile TV experience. In Zattoo, we have found a partner that was able to implement our requirements for three independent brands in a short period of time. They also responded flexibly to the various demands of the different product lines”, states Alexander Kreis, Head of Product Management Services at EWE TEL.

EWE TEL is a full-service provider for high-speed internet, landline telephone, mobile and TV. With the new TV product, EWE TEL customers can watch TV where, when and how they want, depending on their WiFi at home. Fighting over the remote control is a thing of the past, because now customers can watch different stations at the same time on tablets, PCs and smartphones. From over 60 live TV channels, everyone can generate their own individual list of favorite channels very easily.

Zattoo knows the needs of TV consumers first-hand. With two million users every month, Zattoo has established itself as the leading internet TV provider in Europe. Zattoo’s B2B customers – mostly network operators –- rely on this experience and the Zattoo platform, which is constantly being improved on and developed. Zattoo’s B2B business has been growing rapidly for years. Gernot Jaeger, Chief Officer for B2B TV Solutions at Zattoo, adds: “We are pleased that in EWE TEL, we were able to convince another large network operator of the benefits our innovative TV applications deliver. This reinforces the trend where companies do not investin these enormously cost-intensive TV systems themselves, but instead turn to Zattoo as a partner when it comes to IPTV.”