MRG's Global IPTV Market Leaders Report Reflects Market Resilience

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
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SAN JOSE, Calif. — MRG, Inc. announces new leaders in the Global IPTV Market Leaders Report — March 2008, which tracks the top 120 IPTV vendors in 24 regional sub-segments based on the installed base of 6 video systems products in over 650 IPTV Operations. Surprisingly, continued growth of orders and deployments are defying the global credit crisis as reflected by increased deployments of IPTV products in Europe, Asia, Rest of World, and even in North America.

The new global leaders in each of the 6 product segments are Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, SeaChange and Verimatrix, with 2 each for Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent. While the global market leadership has under 20% change since the last report in September 2007, more shifts and changes are occurring within the regional segments, as companies refine their strategies and/or absorb other companies. “The jockeying within the regional segments reflects a refinement of the regional marketing and product strategies of each of over 120 ranked companies,” says Gary Schultz, MRG President. “Partnerships are deepening and companies are developing more niche products appropriate to local needs, which drives local growth.”

“Even though the IPTV market is still small by comparison with cable and satellite, the market for goods and services is stabilizing,” states Len Feldman, Director of IPTV Analysis for MRG. “The majority of Tier-1 Service Providers around the world have already made their main supply choices for access ports, set-top boxes, Video-on-Demand systems and other products, and are now securing second or third sources. The vendors that haven’t locked in very many Tier-1 customers have diminishing options for growth.”

This report provides unmatched granularity in the IPTV market niches and nuances that really count the most. The positioning and strategies within the regional sectors is where most companies are targeting their energies, using this report as a navigation tool in an increasingly crowded market. Other regionally-ranked Number-One companies include NEC Corporation, TANDBERG Television, Harmonic Inc., Thomson, Yuxing, Cascade, Sagem, Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks, BitBand, Amino Communications, and NDS Group.