Monsoon Multimedia Announces HAVA TV Place-Shifting for the Nokia Internet Tablet

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Watch and Control Your Home TV Over WiMAX or WiFi With HAVA Player for the Nokia Internet Tablet

LAS VEGAS — CTIA — Monsoon Multimedia, an innovative digital video solutions provider, today announced HAVA support for the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets (updated with the latest operating system), and the upcoming Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition, allowing customers to view and control their home TV from anywhere in the world over WiMAX or WiFi. The HAVA Player for the Nokia Internet Tablet features an easy-to-use touch interface, as well as support for hardware keys, allowing users to effortlessly control their home TV on the tablet using their thumbs or stylus.

“Beside the pool or across the globe, our innovative technology gives customers more options and flexibility to watch their home TV anytime they choose and from anywhere they happen to be,” said Vadim Dagman, CTO and Co-Founder of Monsoon Multimedia. “Our support for Nokia’s line of Internet Tablets is a great addition for HAVA customers who can now view local news or catch the latest basketball game, in the palm of their hands, wherever WiMAX or WiFi is available.”

Watch TV Live

With Monsoon’s new HAVA Player for the Nokia Internet Tablet, users can watch their TV programs live on the tablet over a WiFi or WiMAX connection. They can control the TV source (whether cable or satellite, receiver or DVR, standard or high definition) connected to the HAVA device they have installed in their home. The friendly onscreen remote supports full control of the set-top box from the tablet: Pause, Play, Rewind, Skip, Record, Guide, Menu, Navigation, etc.

The Nokia Internet Tablet version of the HAVA Player is a tablet-optimized version of the player software that Monsoon also provides for PCs and other mobile devices. The HAVA’s unique capabilities enable users to view their home TV simultaneously on multiple PCs on the home network and on a Nokia Internet Tablet at home or anywhere in the world.

Watch TV Offline

An upcoming version of the HAVA PC Player application will also enable the Nokia Internet Tablet to function as a “PVR-on-the-go”, allowing users to record their favorite TV shows and later watch them on their tablets from local memory.

“The Nokia Internet Tablets offer such great video and sound quality that they are a perfect screen for our HAVA platform,” said Paul Friedman, President of Monsoon Multimedia’s US Operations and head of the company’s mobile business. “Their clever design and long battery life will delight users who will discover a whole new way to enjoy their TV. We are very pleased to be working with Nokia on this exciting platform and commend them on the power of their development environment. We were able to bring our product from initial concept to what we are showing at CTIA in record time.”

Pricing and Availability

The Monsoon HAVA Player for the Nokia Internet Tablet will be available in Q2 2008 as a free direct download. The HAVA product line is available from Monsoon at and through select retailers and etailers nationwide.