ACCESS TV browsers pre-integrated by Foxxum

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

ACCESS and Foxxum offer one-stop TV Store solution for Digital TV leaders

OBERHAUSEN, Germany — ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that its portfolio of TV browsers are being pre-integrated by the Smart TV solutions provider Foxxum. Through support for the latest industry standards, the partnership aims at overcoming smart TV vendors’ challenges and improve the quality of experience of Foxxum’s Smart TV App Store on Linux and Android devices. Foxxum’s Smart TV Solution is already available in 20 languages for a wide range of Smart TVs from over 30 different manufacturers, including Hisense, Haier, Sharp and TCL among others.

Foxxum provides Smart TV Solutions in close collaboration with leading brands across all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain, whether silicon vendors, device manufacturers, operators or content partners. Foxxum has developed and distributes premium Smart TV Apps like Dailymotion, Deutsche Welle, Giallo Zafferano, Howdini, SBT, and PlayKids. Building on premium content partnerships around the globe, Foxxum TV App Store gives access to over 1 billion video titles across multiple content providers.

“Smart TVs have long been plagued with slow, clunky user interfaces, but these days are now over thanks to companies like Foxxum,” said Dr. Neale Foster, Chief Operating Officer at ACCESS Europe. “Since the inception of ACCESS back in the 1980s, we have constantly focused on delivering a better quality of service to consumers, regardless of the platform, device or access method. Today, we are proud to be involved in enabling Smart TV services to compete with linear TV, using lightning speed browser engines and improved search and recommendation systems that adapt to any consumer on any continent.”

Through a single operator-branded gateway, the collaboration between ACCESS and Foxxum enables Smart TV manufacturers to offer:

  • Direct access to content from multiple sources, including external web pages and online retail portals
  • Opportunities for users to build personal content libraries
  • Geo-optimisation, enabling apps to automatically become visible in available regions
  • Integration with most payment solutions
  • Parental control to better manage authorizations
  • Personalised recommendations based on data analytics, adapting to the user’s geography and evolving interests
  • Seamless search across all content sources
  • Universal login from multiple devices and users per device.

Ronny Lutzi, Chief Executive Officer at Foxxum, said: “As users connect to Smart TV services from a wider variety of devices than ever before, ACCESS enables us to better manage and control multi-device access for any number of users, while maintaining a consistent and excellent quality of experience. The use of ACCESS’ solutions also ensures that our services comply with the latest industry standards, making it perfectly suited to a worldwide audience with very different requirements.”

The ACCESS portfolio includes ACCESS Twine™, a market-ready solution enabling device manufacturers and operators to increase stickiness to their Smart TV services, regardless of the content watched or the device used to access it. In addition to ACCESS Twine™, the NetFront™ Browser family allows ACCESS customers to access all services whilst creating an outstanding user experience on all screens. The NetFront™ Browser family consists of NetFront™ Browser with ACCESS’ core engine, WebKit based NetFront™ Browser NX and Chromium/Blink based NetFront™ Browser BE. ACCESS solutions have been shipped in over 1.5 billion devices worldwide, from Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets through to game consoles including the Nintendo Switch, e-Readers and connected cars.