Shaw makes binge-watching easier than ever with Netflix on BlueSky TV

Thursday, September 14th, 2017
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Shaw Makes Binge-Watching Easier Than Ever With Netflix on BlueSky TV

  • Available in Canada only from Shaw, BlueSky TV integrates Netflix titles together with live TV, video-on-demand, and recorded content.
  • Shaw BlueSky TV’s signature voice-activated remote is the key to finding the shows and movies everyone’s talking about. Say Netflix, see Netflix.

CALGARY — Shaw Communications Inc. and Netflix today announced the launch of Netflix on BlueSky TV, bringing Western Canadians a new, seamless way to binge-watch their favourite shows and movies. Beginning today, customers who subscribe to Shaw BlueSky TV, Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 and Netflix can watch thousands of shows and movies through one integrated platform.

“Shaw BlueSky TV has already revolutionized the way Western Canadians watch TV by making it quick and easy to find the shows and movies they want,” said Chris Kucharski, President, Consumer and Business, Shaw Communications. “Now finding and watching your favourite content on Netflix is as easy as watching TV — no need to change remotes or juggle cords. Shaw BlueSky TV is now better than ever.”

“Shaw BlueSky TV customers who subscribe to Netflix can now watch Netflix’s series, movies, stand-up comedy specials or documentaries as easily as they watch live TV,” said Bill Holmes, Head of Business Development, Netflix. “Through Shaw BlueSky TV’s voice remote, they can access all of their favourite Netflix or live TV programming all in one place.”

Subscribers can now find any title provided through Netflix, like the new season of Narcos or the upcoming season of Stranger Things, using the Shaw BlueSky TV voice remote. The integration of Netflix into Shaw BlueSky TV’s interface means that every available episode of a show can easily be found in one place, regardless of whether it’s available through Netflix, Shaw On Demand, airing live, or recorded on the PVR. Say “Suits,” for example, and every back season and new episode will appear in an instant. Say “Stranger Things,” or any other title appearing on Netflix, and start watching right away.

Subscribers can also use the intuitive voice remote within the BlueSky TV interface to search for content by actor or genre, or simply ask, “What should I watch?” to find personalized recommendations.

Shaw BlueSky TV customers who don’t already have a Netflix subscription can sign up for a Basic, Standard or Premium Netflix account directly through their BlueSky TV set-top box using their credit card to start enjoying Netflix right away.

Along with Shaw WideOpen Internet 150, which features unlimited data, Shaw BlueSky TV customers who also subscribe to Netflix can binge-watch without worrying about data overages. BlueSky TV and WideOpen Internet 150 are available together for as low as $79.90 per month for the first 12 months as part of a two-year ValuePlan.