Cable Bahamas launches REVGO PLAY powered by Anevia

Thursday, October 5th, 2017
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Operator Cable Bahamas Launches “REVGO PLAY” Powered By Anevia’s OTT Solutions

  • The operator enforces its leadership in the Caribbean region with the first quadruple play TV & OTT offer

GENTILLY — Anevia, leading OTT and IPTV software vendor providing innovative solutions for TV and Video delivery including live, near live, on demand and multiscreen accompanies Cable Bahamas in its migration to OTT. Founded in March 1995, Cable Bahamas Ltd. (CBL) has grown from a cable TV operator to incorporate broadband Internet in 2000 and telephony services in 2011. Through launching its REV suite of products – REVTV, REVON and REVOICE, CBL became the first operator in The Bahamas to offer ‘triple play’ services and continues to innovate by delivering unbeatable services at the lowest rates in the archipelago of Bahamas.

REVGO PLAY completes the wide range of TV services provided by the operator, with a multiscreen offer that allows subscribers to watch live channels, recorded and on-demand content any time and on any device. Initiated in September 2016, the first phase of the collaboration between CBL, Minerva and Anevia was the launch of the new REVGO PLAY offer. The new offer relies on Anevia’s Cloud DVR and includes Anevia’s optimized recording engine, Infinite, and its innovative embedded distributed storage solution, EDS.

“Thanks to this new OTT offer, Cable Bahamas can gain a competitive advantage in the pay-TV market of the region”, says Damien Lucas, CTO and Co-founder of Anevia. “Our expertise with innovative solutions enables Cable Bahamas to offer end-users an agile and à la carte TV experience from live to Cloud DVR in HD quality from anyplace, on any device. We will continue to work with Cable Bahamas as their service offering evolves to delight customers and anticipate subscriber requests.”

REVGO PLAY will allow subscribers to view content on up to 3 devices at the same time

REVGO PLAY is an OTT television model, which complements REVTV, CBL’s traditional TV service. This new model breaks from cable and satellite broadcasting by offering video content on any connected device, including iOS and Android devices and OTT set-top boxes.

The new functionalities will give CBL subscribers access to live HDTV, as well as time-shift (Pause TV) and catch-up TV features for programs broadcast over the past 24 hours, and for an initial set of around 60 channels. Additionally, REVGO PLAY will offer a Cloud DVR feature which allows subscribers to record and view the programs of their choice from any device, and to store them for up to one month.