R2B2 brings content targeting to ads on HbbTV

Thursday, October 12th, 2017
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Programmatic Advertising on HbbTV Gets Its Biggest Innovation of 2017 – Content Targeting

PRAGUE — The Czech technology company R2B2, operator of R2B2 Multiscreen, a programmatic advertising network that includes Internet content as well as eight Czech TV stations, is introducing the biggest news of 2017 – content targeting for ads on HbbTV.

Content targeting has been primarily associated with the Internet. But now it is on TV as well, and thus this long-awaited innovation is expanding the possibilities of programmatic ad space buying. Advertisers can refine targeting according to criteria which correspond to the programs that viewers are currently watching. In practice this means that ads will only run during programs which correspond to the selected targeting. Advertisers can choose from various genres and themes, or even on the basis of sociodemographics.

R2B2 TV Content Targeting

“Automated content targeting significantly lightens the workloads of buyers, who previously had to manually search for TV programs and set up several advertising plans. Our content targeting also prevents buyers from missing any programs that could be suitable for their ads. A sufficient range of genres, themes, and even viewer sociodemographics gives them plenty of options so they can reach the right audience,” adds Aleš Sekanina from R2B2.

Thanks to HbbTV, the ads are displayed on TV screens at the Internet layer and thus accompany classic TV broadcasting. The ad formats available include banners and video spots.

The programmatic sale of ads for HbbTV was initiated in 2016 by R2B2 and Hybrid, which have also concluded a general partnership. Today, they work together to expand their portfolio of TV stations and increase the possibilities for TV advertising.