Beenius to integrate iPROM programmatic advertising into its TV platform

Monday, October 23rd, 2017
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Beenius and iPROM Partner on Programmatic Advertising in Digital TV

Beenius is partnering with iPROM, a leading provider of digital advertising technologies in the SEE region. By the end of 2017, Beenius will integrate iPROM’s solutions into its global interactive TV platform. This will provide its partners in 45 countries with a standardized connection to programmatic advertising ecosystem and deliver a cutting-edge solution for effective monetization of advertising.

“In the very early days of interactive TV, we introduced targeted advertising, but we knew it was just the beginning. We want to provide our customer’s subscribers with the best video watching experience regardless of the screen they use. This also applies to advertising that must be useful and personalized for viewers. To achieve this, we can provide ad targeting mechanisms using big data about viewer’s content preferences, but we also need the supplier of technology solutions for serving advertising across digital media. To bring our customers the best-of-breed integrated programmatic TV ad platform, we have chosen iPROM which has extensive experience in managing digital media buying,” said Dragoslav Radin, Chief Technology Officer, Beenius.

Digital advertising is not limited to web-only but can be enabled on traditional media such as TV as well. Beenius is a developer of a proven interactive TV platform for heterogeneous operator environments that already supports IPTV, OTT, and hybrid services on one platform with a vast number of possibilities for delivering video content anytime, anywhere and on any device. This advanced platform delivers a clear competitive advantage to customers. Through its partnership with iPROM, Beenius now offers an advanced programmatic ad-serving technology to its clients which enables simple delivery of the full scope of ad formats, better monetization of advertising space, improved targeting and personalized advertising based on viewers’ behavioral patterns.

Target: Becoming viewers’ first choice

Beenius interactive TV platform was built on the vision of becoming viewers` first choice. The company has over 15 years of experience in software development and system integration with a strong emphasis on advanced interactive TV services. The company is present in 45 countries around the world, all the way from Europe to the USA, Latin America, and MENA region. By integrating iPROM’s solutions, Beenius’ partners have access to a standardized connection to the global programmatic advertising ecosystem and advanced options for more effective monetization of digital content.

iPROM AdServer was designed for advertisers, publishers and agencies who want full control over their data and ad inventory as it enables them to effectively manage programmatic and direct sales campaigns to achieve the highest efficiency of their advertising. iPROM AdServer is easy to use and provides digital content providers with an effective, easy-to-use and centralized management of ad space while ensuring advertisers achieve better returns on their media investments.

Digital is programmatic

“In a data-driven world, ad-serving efficiency is very important. We are proud to have partnered with Beenius and delivered a solution that has it all – an interactive TV platform with unique advanced ad-serving capabilities. The Beenius’ partners now have at their disposal advanced tools for ultra-precise targeted audience segmentation, effective planning, and proficient execution so they can build better ads, user experiences, and stronger customer relationships,” said Igor Mali, Chief Operational Officer at iPROM.

Going forward and delivering meaningful innovation

Beenius and iPROM partnership are already planning the future of their partnership. Going forward, partners will focus on the development of a new innovative business model that will enable even more advanced and data-driven advertising and targeting platform based on deep insight into individual’s content consumption and preferences. The mission of the partnership is to develop a comprehensive platform for programmatic TV advertising which will bring new revenue sources to telecommunication companies and broadcasters and at the same time enable better advertising content for the customers.