Net Solution acquires Beenius IPTV/OTT platform

Friday, May 19th, 2023 
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Beenius sets sails for new horizons

  • Net Solution acquires Beenius IPTV/OTT platform in assets transaction

LJUBLJANA — Beenius, an industry-leading media system integrator and developer of an innovative interactive TV platform, announced today that it has sold its assets to Net Solution d.o.o. This strategic transaction will pave the way for Net Solution to expand its capabilities in the IPTV, OTT, and DVB Hybrid services sector, offering robust and dynamic TV content solutions.

Since 2006, Beenius has stood at the forefront of technological innovation, co-creating industry trends including Linux, OTT multiscreen, AOSP, Android TV solutions, and Addressable TV. A robust partnership model has allowed Beenius to devise state-of-the-art solutions, solidifying its position as the go-to choice for operators aiming to deliver superior viewer experiences.

“Net Solution’s acquisition of Beenius platform is a strategic move that reflects their alignment with our core values and vision for the industry. Their commitment to technological advancement assures us that they are the right entity to propel the platform’s development further. This shift will enable Beenius to focus on enhancing our IPTV/OTT player for seamless STB integration. We are also ramping up our consultancy services for operators and technology partners, leveraging our deep understanding of the market, technology, and operator dynamics,” said Beenius CEO Filip Remškar, who will manage Beenius further and will be devoted to innovation of Addressable TV with his company Castoola.

Net Solution’s CEO, Jasmin Zulčić, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Acquiring the Beenius platform offers us a significant opportunity to enhance our TV services. We remain committed to fulfilling Beenius’ mission of providing innovative TV solutions, whether as a turnkey solution or as a standalone. We eagerly anticipate co-creating the future of the Beenius platform with our customers and technology partners.”

This acquisition marks a significant step in the evolution of both Beenius and Net Solution, setting the stage for exciting future developments in the IPTV/OTT platform sector.

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