LG U+ and Huawei complete trial of live UHD IPTV over 5G FWA

Friday, October 27th, 2017
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LG U+ and Huawei Complete World’s First Trial of Live UHD IPTV Over 5G FWA with Chipset Based 5G CPE

SEOUL, South Korea — LG U+ and Huawei have successfully completed the pre-commercial trial of the world’s first live ultra-high-definition (UHD) IPTV over 5G FWA with a chipset based 5G millimeter-wave CPE.

Aimed at commercial FWA applications, this trial demonstrated UHD IPTV over 5G and up to a 2Gbps capacity of Huawei’s CPE in an end-to-end 5G network. It also verified 5G FWA service research results of both sides, as well as FWA service scenarios in advance. Finally, it has laid a solid foundation for the LG U+ 5G commercial launch and set a key milestone for the development of 5G.

LG U+ and Huawei completed the pre-commercial trial of the world's first live ultra-high-definition (UHD) IPTV over 5G FWA with a chipset based 5G millimeter-wave CPE

FWA (WTTx) is a FTTx-like wireless broadband access solution based on broadband market demand. It provides wireless broadband access services through wireless broadband technology, gives full play to the characteristics of wireless wide coverage, rapid deployment and a fiber-like experience. Under the premise of meeting family broadband services and experience, it will help operators greatly shorten their network construction cycle and save network costs.

The FWA demo used Huawei’s end-to-end 5G products, including 5G gNodeB, NG Core and 5G CPE. Using a millimeter wave 28GHz band, this demo successfully verified the UHD IPTV over 5G. In the demonstration, the video terminal through the CPE accesses the 5G network, and allows an audience to fluently watch UHD television programs, showing perfect 5G support for IPTV.

The 5G CPE developed by Huawei debuted in this demonstration. This 5G CPE is the world’s first chipset based on CPE with a true commercial engineering capability, including ODU (outdoor equipment unit) and IDU (indoor equipment unit). In the capacity test, Huawei’s 5G CPE demonstrated more than a 2Gbps peak capacity, larger than the current rate of FTTx, highlighting 5G FWA practical value and application potential.

LG U+ 5G Network Strategy VP Kim Dae Hee said, “This world’s first end-to-end FWA test shows that, following LG U+ and Huawei’s successful cooperation in the LTE era, the investment of the two sides in 5G research has had breakthrough results. We will work with Huawei to maintain in-depth cooperation, and prepare for the coming 5G commercial launch.”

Huawei 5G Product Line President Yang Chaobin said, “The 5G era is coming, the rapid maturity of terminals can be a key factor of real 5G service success. The world’s first 5G CPE pre-commercial verification is an important contribution by LG U+ and Huawei to accelerate 5G commercialization, the two sides will continue to cooperate in the field of 5G technology research, and also build a good E2E industry ecological chain to welcome the 5G era.”

As a leading mobile network operators, LG U+ has been committed to providing users with the best mobile service experience. Huawei, as a leading 5G equipment developer, always firmly promotes the acceleration of 5G introduction and industry cooperation as well as 4G. This world first E2E FWA pre-commercial verification by LG U+ and Huawei, will undoubtedly play a key role in accelerating the development of 5G.