4K set-top box with ADB technology driving the nc+ offer

Friday, November 10th, 2017
ADB logo

Starting this week, nc+ customers will enjoy the new 4K Set-Top-Box powered by software developed by experts from ADB, a renowned leader in innovative digital broadcast solutions.

This is the first time that Polish satellite TV subscribers will be able to watch and enjoy content in ultra-high definition 4K including live channels, movies from VOD libraries and internet services. Soon the operator plans to broadcast the first transmission of sports events in 4K, and in the future intends to further broaden the 4K content package.

In addition to the rich set of standard Set-Top-Box functionalities, a trademark feature of UltraBOX+ with ADB technology is multirecording involving simultaneous recordings of three programs in the background while watching the fourth channel live. In addition, quick response time and fast zapping ensure swift switching between channels, which further enhances the viewing experience.

The power of proven, fully integrated modern solutions from ADB, combined with digital converters, enables a viewer to seamlessly access this new functionality via a single satellite antenna cable. This demonstrates ADB’s focus not only to deliver modern technology but also to make it simple to use and deploy.

“The 4K UltraBOX+ product is an example of yet another joint success and our strong partnership with nc+. In fact over ten years ago, together with nc+, we introduced the HDTV standard to the Polish market and launched our first HD platform. We initiated the revolution in television reception and viewer experience. Since then, nc+ has applied many ADB pioneering solutions such as: PVR, pushVOD, Multiscreen, Internet TV, etc. to create an attractive, innovative and feature-rich offer. We are very pleased that the operator has again chosen ADB technology to create UltraBOX+ and that together we are initiating the 4K era, once again ahead of the competition. This is the proof that we are a leader in the deployment and integration of modern technologies” said Jacek Galik, Vice President of Sales at ADB.