Nearly 5 million in France watch TV on a second screen each day

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017
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Global TV France : nearly 5 million people watch TV programmes daily on Internet screens. Up 1 million in one year

LEVALLOIS — Every day in France 4.9 million individuals aged 4 and over watch TV programmes live or as catch up on internet screens (computer, tablet or smartphone). Last year, they were 3.9 million, according to the previous edition of Médiamétrie’s Global TV survey.

43.3 million TV viewers spend an average of 4hrs 45mins daily in front of their TV sets.

Of the “internet screen” viewers, more than half are aged under 25, whereas that age category makes up just 26% of the total population. These 2.5 million young viewers are up 1/3 from last year and are watching an average 1hr 51mins a day online.

Mobile screens overtake on computer to watch online TV programmes

The TV set is by far the most popular screen for watching TV programmes (96% of time spent watching programmes). Until this year, the computer was the No.1 Internet screen for watching TV programmes online (live or catch up). However, this year for the first time ever, it has been overtaken by mobile screens: tablets and smartphones accounted for 54% of time spent watching TV on the Internet. Once again, this evolution is largely being driven by the young (aged 25 or under): they devote 62% of their time spent watching TV programmes online to tablet and smartphone viewing.

Half online time spent on channels’ websites and apps

The 4.9 million individuals who watch TV programmes on another screen are comfortable using channels’ websites and apps. About half of the time they watch TV is spent on the latter, using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

As for the youngest category (under 25 years), they would rather use free online video platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion; TV content aggregators such as Molotov, and MyCanal; or TV apps supplied by telecoms operators (TV d’Orange, SFR TV, etc.) and social networks.

Global TV

The Global TV survey analyses all TV content consumption anytime, anywhere and on any type of screen. It completes Médiamétrie’s reference audience surveys dedicated to television and the Internet. These results shown here come from the 19th edition of the Global TV survey, conducted by Médiamétrie from 10 April to 25 June 2017, involving 10,001 individuals representative of the population aged 4 and over.