FreeCast shows aggregation UI and broadcast platform at CES2018

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018
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At CES 2018, FreeCast Brings New Digital Programming, Next Gen TV, and Consumer Devices Together with SmartGuide

  • All media, on all devices, all from one account; FreeCast says bye-bye to set top boxes, as their SmartGuide serves as the new age media aggregation UI for consumers

LAS VEGAS — As the annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas, FreeCast is bringing a renewed focus on the user interface that promises to bring the various technologies and programming on display together for consumers. The company’s SmartGuide delivers perhaps the most important advancement from the consumer standpoint: All the world’s entertainment content, on all of their devices, all on one account.

With ATSC 3.0 and increased web-connectivity revolutionizing both the idea of television, and the television set itself, consumers have more options than ever. But as has often been the case, the latest and greatest products don’t always play nice with existing hardware and services, making them difficult for average consumers to adopt. That’s the focus of FreeCast’s presence at CES this year.

FreeCast is showing off their SmartGuide, as well as a new broadcast platform. Together, these offerings allow content providers and consumers both to take maximum advantage of advances in broadcast technology, media hardware, and the internet. They provide a cross-platform guide and distribution point through which consumers can access all of their favorite media from any device.

CEO William Mobley explained FreeCast’s role among the various players at CES this year: “You’re seeing all these big mergers and acquisitions among the players in media, that’s because they’re all trying to get more content into their portfolios, their ecosystems. But thanks to our aggregation platform, we’re already beyond that, so we’ve been able to start thinking about UIs, the experience, and how it’s all actually going to come together for consumers. We are essentially one login, one app, a single user-interface that manages all the consumer’s content interests a la carte, from free, pay-per-view or subscription content providers.”