Metraco Daiko smart TVs to have Foxxum TV App Store pre-installed

Friday, June 1st, 2018
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Foxxum announces new partner in Morocco

KIEL — Metraco SARL, a leader in the Consumer Electronics industry in Morocco, has chosen Foxxum, leading provider of white label smart TV solutions and one of the world’s fastest-growing companies in the industry, to provide its clients in Morocco with the best price-quality product available in the market to enjoy the OTT experience on Smart TV.

This long-term partnership applies to Metraco’s own branded TVs, Daiko. Daiko’s smart TVs will be sold from May 2018 with Foxxum’s TV App Store pre-installed, which offers an integrated streaming experience, eliminating the need to download or update any contents. Thanks to Foxxum’s cloud-based solution, users are able to easily and very intuitively find local Apps and discover new contents via recommendation and search functionalities.

Foxxum believes in the strength of local brands. The key is to acknowledge the value of each TV brand in their respective local market, which is possible thanks to Foxxum’s white-label solution. Since Daiko is positioned as a well-known brand, which has gained credibility and recognition in Morocco, an effective delivery of Daiko’s smart TVs to the market is ensured.

“The market for consumer electronics is steadily growing and Morocco holds an integral part of such growth in Africa. In the past years, we have been pursuing the aim of delivering a product that improves the quality standards of what it is now available in the stores. With this new generation of TVs that we have created together with our partner Foxxum, we will reach our targets”, comments Youssef Dairy, General Manager of Metraco SARL.

“It is very encouraging to observe how the global market of connected devices is evolving and to know that we are contributing to the success of smart TVs worldwide. With our experience and know-how, and with strong brands, such as Daiko, at our side, this positive trend will continue to increase for us. Daiko’s ambition is to lead the distribution of smart TVs in Morocco and we are very proud to have been chosen as their partner”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.