Médiamétrie now measuring myCANAL in 4-screen TV audience

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
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Médiamétrie now measuring the OTT(1) myCANAL platform in 4-screen TV audience

  • Médiamétrie significantly widens the scope of 4-screen TV audience measurement by integrating myCANAL

Médiamétrie now offers 4-screen TV audience measurement customers the option to view the performance of their programmes broadcast on myCANAL, CANAL+ Group’s OTT television distribution platform.

These results will be included in the Programme Focus 4 screens service, which measures daily ratings for television content that has been broadcast live and via catch-up across 4 screens: television, computer, smartphone and tablet.

myCANAL worked closely with Médiamétrie on a technological level to roll out this audience measurement that can identify content consumption across all its internet and app environments, as well as via all digital screens.

Julien Rosanvallon, Médiamétrie’s Head of Digital and TV Departments added: “Including audience figures from the myCANAL platform in our 4-screen measurement marks an important step. It means that we are measuring channels across an even wider scope than before. This project illustrates the technological and scientific developments that we have implemented over the past few years in our TV and digital capabilities, combining panels and big data, with the aim of delivering ever more comprehensive and refined measurement to the marketplace. In this way, Médiamétrie has confirmed its standing as a pioneer in the field of 4-screen TV audience measurement. To date, only three other countries in the world offer such measurement.”

Frank Cadoret, Deputy Director General of Groupe CANAL+ in charge of France: “CANAL+ Group has long been the reference partner for TV broadcasters, and is delighted to contribute to this development in the television market that adds the value of myCANAL audiences to those channels that subscribe to 4-screen measurement. The new practices promoted by myCANAL (time-shifted viewing has doubled in just one year), together with its simple and innovative features (Multi-Live, Download to Go, Personalised Recommendations, etc.) have already been adopted by millions of users, whether they are CANAL subscribers or otherwise. The innovative technological developments deployed by CANAL+ Group and Médiamétrie during this project confirm the myCANAL platform’s unique status as an OTT content aggregator mixing live, catch-up and VOD content. 4-screen audience measurement is one step in the establishment of services which myCANAL will offer to its broadcasting partners, both subscribers and non-subscribers, based on CANAL+ Group’s expertise in DATA.”

This development marks a further enhancement to Médiamétrie’s 4-screen TV measurement almost two years after it was created. Following the April 2016 launch of the Programme Focus 4-screen service, from November 2016 onwards, Médiamétrie also provided monthly 4-screen audience figures by Media Group. In March 2017, this service was extended to include monthly TV channel ratings across 4 screens.

N.B.: Programmes watched on TV screens via myCANAL are already taken into account in Médiamat’s reference measurement on television.

(1) OTT, or over-the-top, refers to television services via bypass, i.e. over an internet connection without going through the traditional channel of a cable, telephone or satellite operator.