Panasonic to Showcase tru2way™ Leadership at Cable Show 2008

Friday, May 16th, 2008
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Booth Highlights Include PCH2180 HD-DVR Set-Top, tru2way-Enabled VIERA Plasma HDTV’s, Innovative TZ-LC100 Portable Digital Video Recorder and More

NEW ORLEANS — Panasonic, the consumer electronics industry leader in the development and application of tru2way technology, is showcasing its tru2way-based cable product line-up in its booth (#3005) at the Cable Show 2008, the annual convention and international exposition of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association that will take place May 18-20, 2008. Tru2way is the nation’s next-generation, interactive digital cable television standard and Panasonic has led in the development of tru2way technology and related products.

“We are proud that Panasonic has been able to work closely with the cable industry in developing tru2way products ranging from advanced digital cable boxes incorporating digital video recorder capability, which cable companies can provide to their subscribers, to spectacular new tru2way-enabled VIERA Plasma HDTV’s, which will be available for consumer purchase at retail this fall,” said Dr. Paul F. Liao, Chief Technology Officer, Panasonic Corporation of North America. “And we are especially delighted to be partnering with Comcast, CableLabs, and other leaders in the cable industry in rolling out tru2way technology. This technology brings the benefits of open networks to cable subscribers.”

Tru2way-based products featured in the Panasonic exhibit are the PCH2180 tru2way HD-DVR set-top-box, VIERA High Definition TV’s and the tru2way-enabled Portable DVR model TZ-LC100.

The PCH2180 is an advanced multi-tuner tru2way set-top receiver that integrates High Definition video recording, a multi-stream CableCard host interface for separable security, and a high-speed DOCSIS modem to support DOCSIS Set-top Gateway Signaling (DSG), all within a compact set-top configuration. The PCH2180 includes support for a variety of digital video codecs including MPEG2, MPEG4 (H.264) and VC1; it also has the capability to incorporate a MoCA Home Networking option.

“In 2008, we are proud to be the first and only company to announce a line of tru2way flat panel HDTV’s available at retail,” said Charlie Hare, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Cable Products, Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company. “The PCH2180 HD-DVR platform truly is the next-generation all digital set top and is ready for the rollout of tru2way technology in the field. The PCH2180 will ship in quantity starting in July 2008 and is available to all cable MSO’s whose network supports tru2way specifications.”

On display at the Panasonic booth will also be a 42-inch class tru2way-enabled VIERA Plasma HDTV which integrates a tru2way cable receiver capability within the set’s chassis, thereby eliminating the need for an outboard cable set-top box.

Also being exhibited is Panasonic’s tru2way based Portable DVR (P-DVR) model TZ-LC100 which will let cable customers record programming at home and take it with them wherever they go.

First announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the TZ-LC100 incorporates full digital video recording functionality into a Panasonic portable DVD player platform and allows playback of cable programming anytime anywhere. The TZ-LC100 P-DVR features 60GB of digital video recording capacity, an 8.5″ folding LCD display screen, and integrated stereo speakers. Dual audio headphone jacks are included to support personal viewing. When placed onto a companion docking station the TZ-LC100 functions as a standard DVR set-top box. The TZ-LC100 will be available beginning in early 2009. Because it is built to tru2way specifications, this exciting product is available to any cable operator whose network supports tru2way compatibility.

Panasonic’s array of tru2way products at NCTA demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative tru2way solutions to the cable industry as it delivers the next generation of all-digital entertainment services to their subscribers.