Ster improves quality of VAST-formatted ads with Interra Systems

Monday, September 10th, 2018
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Ster Improves the Quality of VAST-Formatted Ads With Interra Systems’ BATON Solution

  • Interra Systems’ BATON QC System Improves Ad Monetization by Ensuring Compliance With the IAB’s VAST Protocol

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that Ster, a major video advertising provider in the Netherlands, has upgraded its Interra Systems’ BATON® QC platform in order to take advantage of Interra Systems’ support for the IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) protocol. Using BATON, Ster can perform comprehensive quality checks on VAST-formatted ads to ensure high quality of its advertising output.

“For Ster, the viewer experience is of utmost importance. We are using the BATON QC solution for radio and TV. The EBU128 loudness checks are a great way to make sure viewing a commercial break isn’t unpleasant thereby preventing viewers zapping to another channel. The same goes for online commercials,” Marc Punte from Ster commented. “We will now use BATON to do QC on VAST tags hosted by advertisers just like we do now for radio and TV, thus preventing viewers from leaving the website. A second reason for using BATON is lost revenue. A VAST tag with material that can’t be streamed properly can’t be billed because the commercial hasn’t been fully displayed. With BATON, we now have a tool that can check the quality and availability of commercials. Using the API, we can do this check not just once, but also at any interval during the lifetime of a commercial.”

BATON is an automated VAST-aware QC solution that can check the quality of content hosted at an http server with the same ease as any other content on a file server. With BATON, Ster can cover all of the rotating creatives of a VAST-formatted ad. Unique instances are thoroughly checked for quality, and a consolidated report is created to ensure success and monetization of ad campaigns.

In addition, BATON provides Ster with vendor-based stats about the success and failure rate of ads, enabling quick decision-making. The BATON platform includes all of the required VAST checks and an extensive list of conformance checks to ensure the validity of VAST response.

“The quality of advertising has a direct impact on monetization, and that’s exactly why we recently added VAST support to our widely deployed BATON QC system,” said Penny Westlake, Director, Europe, at Interra Systems. “Ster has a long history of providing top quality advertising, and with BATON’s comprehensive quality checks and extensive feature set, it can continue that legacy.”

Interra Systems will demonstrate its BATON automated QC system at IBC2018, Sept. 14-18 in Amsterdam at stand 7.C09.