SK Broadband selects ContentWise personalization and UX automation software

Friday, September 14th, 2018
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SK Broadband Partners with ContentWise to Boost Its Multimedia Entertainment Services, Increasing B tv’s Movie Viewing Sessions by 24%

  • The ContentWise solution powers deep UX personalization and automation for SK Broadband’s B tv IPTV service.
  • Selection of ContentWise is key to implement SK Broadband “Customer Value Innovation” strategic initiative.
  • SK Broadband customers will be able to select their favorite viewing style and get individually personalized content and menu selections based on their preferences and activity.

LOS ANGELES — SK Broadband, the leading broadband and multimedia entertainment provider in Korea selected ContentWise, the TV UX automation, personalization, analytics and metadata experts, to provide the personalization and UX automation software for its newly re-architected multimedia entertainment services.

SK Broadband Btv Home Screen

SK Broadband recently-announced revamping of its multimedia service starts with the customer at the center and stretches traditional approaches to packaging and delivering of content to meet the individual preferences of each customer.

For the first time in IPTV, SK Broadband has made it possible for customers to choose their favorite viewing style. As a result, when customers turn on B tv, they will engage in a completely different experience based on the fact that they have selected a household profile, a VOD live profile or a Kids profile. After the initial setup, all user experience, including menu configuration, recommended content and events are customized according to the customer’s viewing history and behavior.

As Chang Wan You, VP of Head of Media Business HQ at SK Broadband said: “We now need to provide services and content tailored to our customers by analyzing consumption trend data for each customer. SK Broadband ultimately wants to deliver 4.6 million different home pages to each of our 4.6 million customers of B tv.”

Such high levels of personalization, content organization and user experience orchestration are made possible by the data that SK Broadband has accumulated about its subscribers viewing habits and by AI-powered personalization technology built by ContentWise. The software powers personalized recommendations, intelligent search and content selections based on a viewer’s profile and preferences. In addition, thanks to its testing and analysis capabilities, ContentWise helps SK Broadband’s editorial staff manage and validate complex editorial strategies at scale. With these tools, the service evolves continuously to improve the user experience and the performance of content personalization.

SK Broadband shared that 43% of B tv’s total number of views are being generated through personalized recommendations. In particular, for their monthly movie premier service, 58% of viewing events are generated through ContentWise and the number of B tv’s movie viewing events per subs has increased by 24% after implementing ContentWise-powered recommendations.

“SK Broadband is an exceptional customer.” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise. “They have reframed their entire entertainment services strategy around the viewer, which is 100% in line with our vision and mission as a technology vendor. We are very excited to help SK Broadband achieve that goal.”

Mr Chang Wan You commented: “ContentWise is essential to the success of our ‘Customer Value Innovation’ strategic initiative. We can now deliver truly unique experiences to our B tv subscribers.”