Allente selects 3SS 3Ready Control Center and ContentWise

Thursday, September 1st, 2022 
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Allente at the Vanguard of Next-Gen Entertainment Experiences by Selecting 3SS’ All-new 3Ready Control Center and ContentWise

  • The Nordic region’s leading pay-TV provider Allente deploys 3Ready Control Center 3.0, 3SS’ next-generation UX management and content curation hub
  • Empowers Allente with new opportunities to grow revenues, enhance viewer engagement, and prevent churn
  • Content curation across all sources including third-party providers can be performed in one unified location, delivering one all-encompassing, personalized cross-device UX
  • Highly visual UX management platform enables more staff to optimize UX, reducing dependence on technical specialists, lowering costs, with quicker time-to-market
  • Allente to benefit from increased viewer engagement through seamless integration of 3Ready Control Center with ContentWise’s UX Engine, meanwhile subscribers enjoy UX personalized in real-time

OSLO, STUTTGART and MILAN — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) (IBC2022 stand 5.A83) and ContentWise (IBC2022 stand 5.C65) announce that Nordic pay-TV giant Allente has become the first operator to deploy 3Ready Control Center 3.0, 3SS’ next-generation UX management and content curation hub, a key pillar of the multiple award-winning 3Ready Product Platform.

3Ready Control Center 3.0

This project is key enabling next step in the roadmap of Allente’s next-generation super-aggregated TV services for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Acknowledged UX trailblazer 3SS created 3Ready Control Center 3.0 so that operators can carry out real-time management over presentation of content, features and branding of all service apps from one unified location.

Super-aggregators can gain a distinct competitive advantage through the ability to curate content across all sources, including third-party providers, and delivering a highly personalized experience across all screens. Operators get greater-than-ever utility and flexibility: they can manage multiple service brands and all client apps, including connected TVs, STBs, tablets, smartphones, etc, in a streamlined and highly efficient manner.

Allente’s editors can make necessary UI/UX adaptations in a visual way, and all its apps automatically retrieve and apply them without code changes. Consistent, stable and scalable cross-device user experiences result, with dramatic savings in time and effort.

The deployment of 3Ready Control Center is Allente’s latest rollout of 3SS innovation across its TV business. The operator is implementing 3SS’ state-of-the-art UX technology across all of its devices, and subscribers are set to enjoy great experiences on LG and Samsung smart TVs, Android TV, and iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as STBs.

Jon Espen Nergård, Allente CTO, said, “Providing customers with intuitive, unified, frictionless and highly personalized experiences on all the devices they use is the very essence of a superior UX, and this is what we strive to deliver, every day.”

“Our partnership with 3SS has been a major factor in our success, and with our latest deployment of 3Ready Control Center 3.0, we can be confident that all our subscribers, whether on satellite, IPTV or OTT streaming, will be more engaged and find their favorite content faster on all their devices,” he added.

Allente and its customers will also benefit from seamless integration of 3Ready Control Center 3.0 with ContentWise’s UX Engine. This technology combination increases customer engagement with user experiences that are personalized in real-time. ContentWise helps media brands deliver rich, bespoke, and smart digital UX at every touchpoint. Its AI and ML rich technology processes user data and content metadata to dynamically orchestrate and personalize UX, providing each subscriber with an individualized experience. Going far beyond simply generating better recommendations, the 3Ready+ContentWise combination harnesses AI and ML to create a personalization powerhouse that delivers a leading edge, highly adaptive UX closely aligned with each viewer’s interests and tastes. The solution for Allente will be demonstrated for the first time on 3SS’ IBC2022 stand 5.A83.

“Time and time again, Allente has pushed the boundaries of both technical innovation and customer commitment, and we at 3SS could not be more proud of our long-term partnership,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS. “By implementing 3Ready Control Center 3.0, Allente is taking yet another leap forward in its ability to provide subscribers with next-level cross-device video entertainment experiences.”

Unified experience management, A/B testing, and more staff empowered

Allente’s editors can curate, customize and orchestrate the entire user experience – from a page, a ‘swim lane’, or a single content item including its cover art – across all device apps, all from one place with 3Ready Control Center 3.0.

A/B testing is the most direct and powerful way to gauge viewers’ tastes, and can be performed with high automation, individually or by customer segment. Experiments with new features can rapidly be conducted, and adaptations done fast, with confidence.

Using 3Ready Control Center is highly visual, and enables a wider range of staff to edit and optimize UX. Its dashboards with easy-to-use functions and intuitive navigation don’t require technical know-how. This reduces dependence on tech specialists. The UX can therefore be adjusted more rapidly, at lower overall cost, so subscribers enjoy new features earlier.

Instead of text-based lists of UX elements to browse, editors see highly visual representations of UI/UX features – headings, stripes, user buttons, icons, functions, etc. – so creating attractive app pages is intuitive. UX elements or ‘objects’ populate a repository from which the editor can efficiently pick and arrange using simple tools.

Uniquely, the editor can assign a mix of content types within a single stripe. This means the operator can display side-by-side an array of content items about the same genre or subject derived from different sources. This embodies the value of super-aggregation; and empowers the operator to monetize more owned and third-party content, while subscribers get widest possible, personalized choice.

Myriad business benefits

All-new 3Ready Control Center delivers operators like Allente myriad business and operational benefits. Viewer engagement is enhanced, and churn risk mitigated, because more time is spent interacting with a highly compelling, personalized experience that includes all content sources. This holistic content discovery with seamless integration of third party content and recommendation technology reliably increases customer satisfaction.

Enabling non-technical staff to perform UI/UX edits – for all devices in a single location – saves both time and cost, helps operators optimize resources, while enabling faster service enhancements for subscribers.

The operator can increase ARPU with rapidly generated promotions of content and packages based on known viewer tastes, leading to greater opportunity to upsell content and services. Targeted video and display ads can help operators like Allente win new customer segments. Operators can prevent churn through automated retention campaigns, personalized to increase likelihood of success.

3Ready Control Center 3.0 is a multi-tenant capable SaaS platform. Therefore operators benefit from lower operational and infrastructure costs, and the platform is always 100% up-to-date, and enriched with all the very latest capabilities.

Latest rollout of 3SS technology in long-term partnership roadmap

Prior to current service rollouts for smart TVs and mobiles, earlier this year Allente launched its next-gen service on an Android TV STB, supporting direct-to-home (DTH) satellite, IPTV and OTT. Powerful hybrid KAON BCM72180 PVR STBs, with KAON middleware, NAGRA Media CAS, Broadcom 72180 SoC and based on 3SS UX technology are being made available to Allente’s over 1 million TV subscribers.

In 2021 Allente became one of the world’s first operators to complete Google Common Broadcast Stack integration on an Android TV Operator Tier STB. The integration was completed in just six months thanks to close collaboration between Allente, KAONMEDIA, NAGRA, Broadcom, 3SS and Google.

Allente used 3SS’ 3Ready as the foundation for its B2B platform for hotels and institutions. Since its 2021 debut, Allente’s B2B business has already grown in sophistication and customer reach.

The 3Ready Product Platform is the engine driving advanced TV experiences in over 35 million homes worldwide.

The Nordic region’s pre-eminent pay-TV provider, Allente continues to build upon its first successful 3SS-enabled project, OnePlace, the satellite and OTT service which Canal Digital launched in February 2018. In 2019 the service was named “Best TV User Experience” in the prestigious CSI Awards. Allente was formed by the May 2020 merger of Viasat Consumer and Canal Digital.

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