Contentwise selected for ITVX recommendations and personalization

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 
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ITV Selects Contentwise To Power ITVX Advanced Recommendations And UX Personalization

MILAN, Italy and LONDON, UK — ContentWise, the leading provider of user experience automation and personalization software, has been selected by ITV to enhance the UX personalization of ITVX. The ContentWise UX Engine, a sophisticated machine learning platform, was launched into production on ITVX in early November, 2023.

ITVX and ContentWise home screen

Designed to analyze viewer behavior, it delivers highly relevant content recommendations, thereby enhancing engagement and viewer satisfaction. Since its implementation on ITVX, UX Engine has generated double digit increases in conversion rates and substantial lift in average watch time, compared to control groups on the previous recommendation system.

Deep Bagchee, Chief Product Officer at ITV, commented, “Since its launch just over a year ago, ITVX has been on an upwards trajectory in terms of content, viewers and technological advancements. We’re continually evolving to make sure that ITVX brings the best to viewers and working with ContentWise will ensure that they’re getting better recommendations and personalisation.”

Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise, added, “We’re excited to see the immediate, positive impact of our technology on ITVX and its key performance indicators. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for UX in the streaming industry.”

The integration of ContentWise UX Engine with ITVX coincides with the service celebrating a significant milestone: recently surpassing 3 billion streams, with a remarkable 8 million on New Year’s Day alone. This achievement underscores the platform’s rapid growth and its leading position in the market, setting the stage for even greater success with the integration of ContentWise’s UX Engine.

Deep Bagchee and Renato Bonomini, VP of Sales Engineering at ContentWise, will participate in a keynote conversation at the OTT Question Time Live event in London on January 31, 2024. They will share insights into the partnership, the implementation, and the future of personalized streaming experiences.

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