ACCESS browser selected for Panasonic Blu-ray recorder with 4K satellite

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

ACCESS’ NetFront Browser BE DTV Profile Selected for Panasonic’s New DIGA Blu-ray Disc Recorder to Support New 4K Satellite Broadcasts(1)

  • Creating a Broadcast Content Viewing Environment with Higher Definition and Greater Realism than HD Television

TOKYO, Japan — ACCESS CO., LTD announced that its NetFront™ Browser BE v2 DTV Profile, latest version of the high-performance browser for televisions, has been selected by Panasonic Corporation for its DIGA Blu-ray disc recorder with built-in 4K tuner (DMR-SUZ2060), to be released for the Japanese market. Panasonic plans to release DMR-SUZ2060 with NetFront Browser on November 16, 2018.

Panasonic’s DMR-SUZ2060 can be used to view and record new 4K satellite broadcasts and can copy programs to Blu-ray discs(2), making it a convenient way for users to archive their favourite 4K programs. It features the NetFront Browser BE v2 DTV Profile browser, which provides data broadcast and closed captioning functions for the latest 4K satellite broadcasting services. Panasonic chose to use an ACCESS TV browser in one of its recorders for the first time based on its high evaluation of ACCESS’ data broadcast browser market experience and knowledge.

NetFront Browser BE DTV Profile is a HTML5 browser for high-end devices. Based on the NetFront Browser BE Chromium Blink browser, it supports viewing data broadcasts for major broadcasting and communications standards used in Japan and overseas, alongside diverse Web services such as Over-The-Top (OTT) video. It has been deployed on many televisions, set-top boxes and other devices shipped in Japan and around the world.

The latest version, v2, supports the specifications of Japan’s new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting that will go into service in December 2018, including multimedia services (ARIB-HTML5), subtitle and closed captions (ARIB-TTML, ARIB STD-B62/TR-B39). It provides a viewing environment for broadcasting services, offering resolution and realism that are four times higher and greater than those of full high-definition television.

ACCESS will continue to use advanced browser technology to help broadcasters and manufacturers such as Panasonic to provide next-generation services.

1. Viewing BS4K/110 degree CS4K (new 4K satellite broadcasts) and BS/110 degree CS digital broadcasts requires an antenna and receiving equipment that support viewing of the intended broadcasts. A separate viewing subscription is required to view Pay-TV broadcasts. 8K broadcasts are not supported.
2. New 4K satellite broadcasts are recorded in DR mode (broadcast quality). New 4K satellite broadcasts copied to Blu-ray discs cannot be played back on past DIGA models.
Recordings can later be downconnverted to between 1.5x and 15x recording quality (high-definition television quality).
Multiple BS4K/110 degree CS4K (new 4K satellite broadcasts) programs cannot be recorded simultaneously. New 4K satellite broadcasts cannot be viewed or recorded while using the 4K tuner to record a terrestrial digital, BS digital, or 110 degree CS digital program.