Orange TV Spain extends availability with TV App Agency

Friday, September 14th, 2018
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Orange Spain Renews Orange TV Leveraging TV App Agency Technology

LONDON — Orange Spain, an innovator in the telco space and the second biggest telco operator in Spain, has renewed its Orange TV service across Smart TV, web and Android TV Operator Tier by leveraging various technologies from TV App Agency.

In a world where OTT is in everyone’s mouth, reach is key and by partnering with TV App Agency, Orange was able to launch across multiple platforms significantly faster. That was achieved by using award winning TV App Engine, with its capability to build once and deploy to many platforms.

“TVApp Agency has been the perfect partner to be able to renew new TV App for Smart TV and to create the launcher for our new STB Android TV Operator Tier. We have managed to improve our service and make it available to our customers in record time. The teamwork of Orange Spain and TV App Agency teams has been the key to success.” says Josep Maria Rabes Cabus, Director Orange TV.

The TV App Engine enabled the rapid cross platform development of Smart TV apps to extend the availability of Orange TV and also generated the Android TV Operator Tier Launcher from one single set of code. This enabled Orange to keep a consistent experience across Smart TV and their STB offering.

To speed up the development even further, elements of TV App Template were used so that these apps could be built faster to meet the extremely tight launch timelines required by Orange.

“Orange Spain team are true innovators and are always pushing the boundaries of what can be developed to offer a high-quality service. For us it is an honour to work with such a creative team that wants to make a difference in this space”, says Bruno Pereira.

Android TV Operator Tier is a key project for Orange Spain, as it will enable it to offer to their customers a more flexible and richer experience than previously. The Google platform now gives operators more control than ever before, where they can leverage their traditional IPTV offering and extend it with hybrid OTT offering, with a lot more content and apps.

This project is a perfect example where operators can replace outdated platforms quickly and also increase their reach by adding new platforms to their offering quicker.