Turkcell chooses Metrological to provide TV+ app store

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018
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Turkcell partners with Metrological to deliver an Integrated TV App Store

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands and ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL), the world’s first digital operator, has chosen Metrological to deliver the integrated Turkcell TV App Store, available to all Turkcell TV+ subscribers.

Turkcell will have a unique TV App Store personalized for their TV+ subscribers across Turkey. Leveraging Metrological’s Application Platform Turkcell is able to source localized and international content from Metrological’s App library of more than 300 TV apps. Turkcell will have the ability to anticipate on rapidly changing content needs from its subscribers using Metrological’s back-office for realtime onboarding, monetizing and optimizing the app lifecycle.

“We are excited about the integrated content options that Turkcell TV+ subscribers will experience supported by Metrological’s fully integrated TV App Store,” said Baris Zavaroglu, Director of Digital Media Services of Turkcell. “Our personalized TV App Store will bring together the best in regionalized and niche content. Besides that, it’s crucial for Turkcell to have the tools to customize the app offering in real-time to respond to our TV+ customers’ evolving content needs.”

“We are proud to team with Turkcell to give its TV+ subscribers a robust and fully Turkcell-branded TV App Store made up of all the latest OTT content,” said Thijs Bijleveld, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Metrological. “The Metrological Application Platform makes onboarding and day-to-day content management seamless and ensures Turkcell TV+ customers can enjoy their live TV international apps and even regional favorites without leaving the main TV screen.”

The Metrological product suite consists of an Application Platform that provides the content for operators to build their own localized TV App Store. It also includes a back-office product suite for onboarding, monetizing and optimizing the life cycle of web and native apps across set-top boxes. The Metrological Application Platform provides APIs to support features such as unified search, contextuality, second screen and voice control. The open SDK enables quick app development for content service providers, app developers and operators.