Androidmov Technology unveils IPTV UX software

Thursday, December 13th, 2018
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A New IPTV Desktop from Androidmov Technology Improves User Experience

CHENGDU, China — On November 27, 2018, Androidmov Technology Co., Ltd. (“Androidmov Technology”), a prominent enterprise located in Tianfu Software Park, unveiled its self-developed next generation IPTV desktop, which is now put into use, in Chengdu. This marks the company’s new full-stack front-end desktop system, which is based on clouding design and mixed structure of smart EPG+H5, is mature.

This desktop system is compatible with over 85% of the connected IPTV terminals run by major domestic communication operators. It allows a comprehensively improved user experience and greatly decreased operation and maintenance costs without upgrading original hardware.

Dai Cong, President of Androidmov Technology, claimed that it was the new generation EPG structure, combining with the available product line covering the IPTV full-service platform, that laid a foundation for its development in 5G, VR, big data, AI and other fields. “We witness a rapid progress in cooperation with our partners concerning these new technologies.” He added, “Androidmov Technology will stay focused on television-related technologies, develop the three IPTV-based core businesses of underlying operating system, full-service platform and smart operations, and create a world-class integrated IPTV platform and virtual operation services.”

The first provider of the fourth generation EPG system for desktop in China (full-stack front-end with smart EPG + H5)

Dai Cong, President of Androidmov Technology

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) refers to the interactive user interface and portal system, which can help users navigate diversified IPTV programs or subscribe value-added services. Therefore, EPG can affect stability of IPTV and is one of the key factors that influence user experience and data acquisition.

Current EPG systems can be categorized into two generations. The first generation adopts B/S structure, which is similar to web pages. It features real-time loading contents and its user experience is significantly influenced by network conditions. The second generation adopts C/S structure, which is similar to STB-based APP. It enjoys more fixed contents, columns and functions and needs frequent patch update. This latter one cannot satisfy IPTV’s demands on fast iteration and minor modification, while being unable to apply to all terminal hardware.

Androidmov Technology launched the third generation EPG system based on smart EPG at the end of 2016. It integrates merits of the B/S and C/S structures and is compatible with almost all STB terminals. Compared with other solutions requiring changes of chips, STB terminals, CDN and other hardware, this system allows greatly improved performance and user experience and provides a highly cost-effective choice for operators without such change.

The newly-released fourth generation EPG system adopts the mixed structure of smart EPG + H5, cloud computing and edge computing and integrates strengths of the former three generations. With sound hardware compatibility, it can demonstrate dynamic background and floating-effect on the screen. But the more important thing is that as an edge computing device, STB can deal with simple local orders and predict and load data only, while leaving complex logic computing like operation and service adjustment to the cloud. As a result, this EPG system realizes fast operation and overall stabilization, as well as minimizes network/operation latency relying on state-of-the-art technologies such as Cloud Speedup.

It is worth noting that 80%-90% of the connected IPTV terminals only need to upgrade software, instead of hardware, to utilize the latest EPG system with greater user experience and lower operation and maintenance cost, which is a great business attraction. Apart from that, the system also enables developers to create new value-added services based on powerful cloud computing, including VR television, Wechat television and cloud games, which will refresh users’ views on smart TV.

Domestic and foreign leading enterprises in IPTV and Internet industries like Netflix, Alibaba and iQIYI have been developing or utilizing mix structure-based full-stack front-end systems. Androidmov Technology, China’s largest company working on operating system and service platform for IPTV terminals, took the lead in launching the third generation EPG structure. Meanwhile, the system based on that structure has been commercially available. The new self-developed EPG structure of Androidmov Technology is an updated version considering feedback from users of the third generation EPG system. This launch indicates that the fourth generation EPG system developed by the company is mature. As of the end of September 2018, no competitive products have been identified.

According to Chen Yijun, General Manager of Androidmov Technology, the new EPG system would reshape the television industry. It allows service development and operation to break limitations brought by terminal hardware, on the ground that IPTV value-added services are experiencing explosive development, and HD videos, games and various applications put higher requirements on hardware. In addition, the system makes it possible to realize deep interaction between terminals and televisions, PCs and mobile terminals (including mobile phones and tablets). For example, users can control STB through smart phones with voice, gestures or touch, improving interactive user experience multidimensionally. Moreover, Androidmov Technology strives to target customers with AI and big data by the latest EPG structure, changing traditional television operation into a data-driven and intelligent one.

Three-in-One Core Business, End-to-End IPTV Services

Chen Yijun, CEO of Androidmov Technology

In fact, the EPG system, as a bridge between the television terminal and users, is only a product line of Androidmov Technology. The company is committed to providing IPTV services in a wide range of fields, such as the terminal underlying operating system, the platform solutions of the management-end business system, as well as the platform running, IPTV construction consultation and industry standard formulation.

Androidmov Technology boasts three core IPTV-centered businesses, including the IPTV terminal underlying operating system (middleware), the full-service system platform and IPTV smart operations. As a connecting and interpenetrating link, the three-in-one business is a full reflection of the strong core competitiveness and strategic insight of Androidmov Technology in IPTV’s industry chain.

Middleware–As each operator uses a different system platform, there is a big difference in the requirements of middleware. For some operator’s collective procurement project, whose Set Top Box (STB) serves as the terminal hardware of IPTV, its main chips may come from different manufacturers. In addition, the complete machine is probably made by various hardware manufacturers, thus complicating the adaptation of middleware.

Through a decade of continuous R&D and investment, Androidmov Technology has built close strategic cooperation relations with China’s manufacturers of platforms, chips and terminal. In this way, it has developed a set of middleware products with high compatibility, to greatly simplify the adaptation process. There are even chip manufacturers who research and debug their own chips products according to the test criterion of Androidmov Technology’s middleware.

Operators’ unified purchase of middleware has brought benefits in many aspects, such as facilitating the introduction of manufacturers, shortening the cycle of network entry, accelerating the rollout, and reducing the operational and maintenance cost. By statistics, more than 80% of STB manufacturers in China have applied the middleware researched and developed by Androidmov Technology.

Full-Service System Platform–The business system of Androidmov Technology includes two categories. The first is the platform for basic services, covering IPTV’s content transmission, user controlled interactions, user management, big data analysis, and the authentication of billing and payment. The EPG system belongs to the product line of this part. The other is the platform for value-added services, involving a number of product lines, such as ITV on cell phones, WeChat TV, app markets, game platforms, membership systems, and publishing systems for advertising strategies.

Androidmov Technology owns more than 85% of research personnel, thus giving birth to an engineer-led enterprise culture centered on business and technological innovation. Once there is something new in large-screen television technology, Androidmov Technology must be the first one that dares to innovate. Affected by engineering culture, its system platform has been well-known for its most cutting-edge technology and most complete business for a long term in the industry, and in most cases there is a gap of generations with similar enterprises.

Smart Operation–In today’s Chinese market, there are no more than three enterprises that possess the R&D abilities of both the IPTV terminal underlying operating system and the full-service system platform. Androidmov Technology, however, is the only one who provides the operation service among them. It is also because Androidmov Technology has the support of the underlying operating system and full-service platform that it can achieve operations based on data and smart technology instead of the traditional one through the subjectivity and “experience”.

It is hard for the platform developers unfamiliar with operational requirements to work out the software that satisfies the operation needs. But Androidmov Technology, with a personal involvement in operations, knows the logical relation between operations and business very well, with the operation-oriented development thoughts. Therefore, its software products can solve operators’ pain points as well as meet customers’ demands. On the other hand, due to the gapless communication, the operation team and the R&D team have a deep understanding of system software, and they are good at driving operations and development with data. Choosing the smart operations of Androidmov Technology, IPTV operators, besides improving customers’ TV viewing experience, can also increase the revenue of value-added services.

The complementary and three-in-one business structure constitutes the core competitiveness of Androidmov Technology. In addition to the three core businesses, the company has also taken an active part in IPTV’s standard establishment, and meanwhile has offered consultation services for IPTV development and construction of operators in various provinces and cities.

With 14-Year Commitment to Large-Screen TVs, Androidmov Grows with IPTV Industry

The history of Androidmov Technology is almost the epitome of the development history of China’s IPTV industry, and there is a high coincidence of the timeline of major events. This shows that the company’s leaders are strategically sharp with a forward-looking strategic vision.

China Telecom and China Netcom carried out the small-scale user trial of IPTV in 2004, when the digital TV began sprouting in China. In the same year, Symedia Information Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Androidmov Technology, was founded in Shenzhen. Since the establishment, it has focused on the larger-screen TVs, to undertake the system development of TV business from operators.

Through years of preparation, IPTV commenced the coverage nationwide. In 2010, the State Council printed and distributed the Notice of the State Council on Issuing the Overall Plan for Promoting the Triple Play, and Androidmov Technology achieved strategic cooperation with the China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute, which is responsible for IPTV’s standard formulation.

In 2012, the National Radio and Television Administration published the Notice on Issues Related to the Construction of IPTV Integrated Broadcast Control Platform. Since then, China’s IPTV has ushered in the era when provinces established their own system platform with separate operation. The same year also witnessed the founding of Chengdu Androidmov Technology for better development of IPTV’s markets in different provinces. With the equity investment of CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd.–a state-owned venture capital institution, Androidmov Technology took full control of Symedia in reverse. As a result, the team shifted its focus to Chengdu, and settled down in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

With the emerging over-the-top (OTT) market in 2014, its successful experience had a far-reaching influence on the IPTV market. The following year, with the experience in OTT R&D as well as the gradually improved system platforms, Androidmov Technology has provided services for various operators, such as Shanghai Telecom, Guangdong Telecom, Anhui Telecom and BesTV.

Since then it has realized rapid development together with China’s IPTV industry. In 2015, Androidmov Technology was listed on the New Third Board, and in 2016, it acquired the directional capital increase from the fund of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. and commenced smart operations, to prepare for the era centered on “Intensive Cultivation” after the era of “Demographic Dividend”. In 2017, Androidmov Technology started supplying larger-scale services to IPTV operators in China, including more than 20 new ones, such as Sichuan Telecom, Shandong Telecom, Qinghai Telecom, Ningxia Telecom, Shaanxi Telecom, Jiangxi Telecom, Hainan Telecom, Sichuan Mobile, Inner Mongolia Telecom, Guizhou Telecom, Yunnan Telecom and Gansu Telecom. In the same year, Androidmov Technology terminated the listing on the New Third Board, to open up its layout in higher-level capital markets.

Androidmov Technology has devoted itself to large-screen TVs for 14 years. With tens of millions in annual profits as well as more than 300 employees, it has become a supplier engaged in providing IPTV’s integrated services in core technology, professional products, solutions, operation services, and construction planning and consultation. In the meantime, it is also expanding its overseas markets, striving to be a new economy enterprise in Chengdu to meet the needs of more than 600 million people around the world for watching movies in their living rooms. This year, Androidmov Technology has once again obtained the investment from Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group, which has become one of the major shareholders of Androidmov Technology after rounds of equity financing.

Dai Cong, President of Androidmov Technology, said that the world has ushered in the fourth industrial revolution, with the rise of numerous new technologies such as (virtual reality) VR, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G networks, offering a brilliant future for the digital television market represented by IPTV. In the future, Androidmov Technology will keep following its original intention, and continue to focus on the large-screen TVs, deepen the core business, and build the internationally leading IPTV comprehensive capacity platform and service.