VIVA Entertainment adds DVR capability to its subscription OTT app

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
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VIVA Entertainment Group Announces Addition of DVR Service to its Subscription OTT Platform

  • Service has full record, playback and pause of live TV capability

MIAMI — VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTTV) (“VIVA” or “the Company”), a distributor of Over-The-Top (OTT) IPTV content to consumers in a bundled subscription format, announced that it has added a DVR platform to the ViveLiveTV subscription service. The DVR service will give users the ability to rewind LIVE programming and re-watch what happened, jump back to the current LIVE programming, or resume playback, RW or FW on the stream. The Vivalivetv DVR is available to VivaLiveTV subscribers starting Friday December 21st.

The VivaLiveTV DVR system is live and available at no additional charge within the VivaLiveTV APP by clicking the ‘DVR’ button. The VivaLiveTV APP is available for free to new and existing subscribers .

VIVA Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Falcones, commented, “We are glad to finally add a DVR feature to our VivaLiveTV system, which now gives our customers the ability to pause live programming, rewind, replay and fast-forward content. In addition, giving customers the option to set up recording sessions of future programming solidifies VivaLiveTV as a true cut-the-cable viewing option for users that enjoy most of their programming through smart devices. The demand for the DVR is incredible as we have received numerous requests for this feature from potential customers as a condition of subscribing. This service will also provide an additional revenue stream as customers will be able to purchase additional storage space to record programs.”

The VivaLiveTV DVR can be accessed by simply selecting the channel and selecting the future show one wish to record. Select ‘Record This Channel’ and everything is set. The recorded show gets stored in the DVR option on the user’s device. Additional features will be added in the coming weeks following today’s rollout.