BitRouter and Geniatech announce 13" and 15" NEXTGEN TV televisions

Sunday, January 7th, 2024 
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BitRouter and Geniatech Announce 13-inch and 15-inch NEXTGEN TV Televisions

LAS VEGAS — Broadcast technology innovators, BitRouter and Geniatech today announced the availability of a new line of NEXTGEN TV televisions that can range up to 85 inches in panel size. These TVs will initially be available as a 13-inch portable tablet TV and a 15-inch conventional TV with stand. Both TVs will feature a touch screen and remote-controlled interfaces. The TVs will be certified to the NEXTGEN TV logo standard, and carry certifications for ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (A3SA) content security, Dolby® MS12 Multistream Decoder v2, and Dolby AC-4 audio compression.

These TVs are based on Geniatech’s ATSC3 TV platform and BitRouter’s ATSC3pak software running on the Android™ 11 open-source platform. The TVs will be marketed as the ZapperBox T1 model and will be made available for OEM branding and customization. These TVs will feature the unique ability to record programs on external flash storage. In an industry first, both the ZapperBox T1 television and M1 DVR are based on the same source code and user experience, resulting in the unprecedented blending of the TV and the set-top box,

Event visitors can see the TVs and meet with Geniatech in booth 52355 at the Venetian expo hall at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place January 9-12 in Las Vegas. The ZapperBox T1 TVs are expected to be available by the end of the second quarter of 2024. Visitors can see the ZapperBox M1 and meet with BitRouter in ATSC booth 19744 in the Central Hall, just behind the Samsung exhibit.

BitRouter’s founder and president, Gopal Miglani said, “With the ZapperBox T1 line of TVs, BitRouter is creating a new product category called ‘TVR’ or TV Recorder. The union of the TV and the set-top box based on our successful ZapperBox M1 NEXTGEN TV DVR and our partnership with Geniatech transforms the user’s viewing experience.”

Geniatech’s founder and president, Jijun Fang, said, “The Geniatech ATSC3 TV platform can support any TV panel size up to 85 inches. Our long-term and successful relationship with BitRouter propels us to offer a unique collection of NEXTGEN TV products to all our OEM customers.”

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