Euskaltel decoders now integrate Amazon Prime Video

Thursday, January 17th, 2019
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The Euskaltel Group launches the first integrated Amazon Prime Video service in Spain on its own decoder

  • The Group is the first operator to integrate the Amazon Prime Video service into its device.
  • Over 80% of Euskaltel Group users with 4K Android TV decoders view this kind of content.
  • The number of operators with Android TV devices worldwide doubled between 2017 and 2018.

BILBAO — The Euskaltel Group has become the first operator to add the Amazon Prime Video service to its 4K Android TV decoders. The company is adding this feature to its service offering as a result of the agreement with Amazon, which reinforces its current plan to forge alliances and expand, as well as to offer customers the best home TV experience.

By including the Amazon Prime Video service in its TV, which the Euskaltel Group has been doing since the start of 2019, all Euskaltel Group users with 4K Android TV decoders can enjoy one of the market’s best VOD (video on demand) systems.

Francisco Arteche, the Euskaltel Group’s CEO comments: “Including the Amazon Prime Video service in our 4K decoder makes us the first operator in Spain to offer this service to our customers. With a market share of over 80% of the total in Spain for this kind of decoder, we are reinforcing our leadership position and commitment to quality and innovation with our proposal for high added-value products and services, placing us at the cutting edge of technology.”

An Amazon Prime account means customers can watch films and series as well as Prime Original productions, such as Six Dreams, The Grand Tour, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Tom Clancy´s Jack Ryam, Homecoming, The Man in the High Castle, and Prime Exclusives, like Pequeñas Coincidencias. Customers will also benefit from free unlimited one-day delivery of millions of products and instant access to over two million songs with the Prime Music streaming service. The Prime Video app also provides off-line content, as customers can download titles on their iPhones, iPads, tablets and Android devices.

Changing TV habits

Platforms like Amazon Prime Video have revolutionised the way audiovisual content is viewed. The Euskaltel Group has decided to install 4K Android TV decoders as a result of these changing user habits, enabling customers to watch whatever they want whenever they choose using video on demand. Coupled with this Amazon content offering, it is important to remember that since last year the Euskaltel Group has also offered Netflix, another of the market’s main VOD platforms. In addition, since December the Netflix agreement has led to the option of Group customer’s paying for this service in their invoices.

Over 80% of Euskaltel Group TV customers with this decoder currently watch this type of content, doubling consumption in comparison with users of more traditional devices. In fact, the number of operators with Android TV decoders worldwide has doubled from 23 in 2017 to 45 in 2018.

Similarly, this shift towards new TV consumption habits leads to a better user experience. Customer satisfaction for those who view on demand content using 4K Android TV decoders within the Euskaltel Group is 13 percentage points higher than for those people who do not.

The Euskaltel Group was the first operator in Spain to introduce 4K Android TV decoders in July 2017, following its strategic agreement with Google, providing an open platform that has enabled over 80,000 households to quickly access OTT content and services since its launch. By 2019 year end, 50% of the Euskaltel Group’s customer base will have installed one of these decoders.