MediaKind integrates Netflix into Mediaroom at VIVO in Brazil

Monday, March 11th, 2019
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MediaKind integrates Netflix app into Mediaroom TV platform to deliver enriched OTT experiences to all VIVO Fibra subscribers

  • Integrated Mediaroom solution enables over 350,000 subscribers across the state of São Paulo to access Netflix services via VIVO Fibra IPTV service – a part of Telefônica Brasil
  • Leverages existing legacy technology through Mediaroom TV cost-effective software platform, enabling high-end immersive TV features, including linear and on-demand video
  • Extends longstanding partnership between MediaKind and Telefonica Brazil to deliver next generation video services across all devices

MediaKind, a global media technology leader, today announces that it is collaborating with Telefonica Brazil to enhance the user experience for more than 350,000 VIVO Fibra subscribers through the integration of the Netflix streaming service into the MediaKind Mediaroom platform’s interactive menu system, which is used as part of the subscriber interface.

This software customization will enable VIVO to evolve its media offering and provide access to Netflix, one of the world’s largest streaming services, into the interactive applications. The deployment, which further extends the longstanding partnership between MediaKind and Telefonica Brazil, delivers a direct Netflix feed through the VIVO Fibra interactive portal and removes the need for a dedicated set-top-box. The integration ensures all VIVO Fibra subscribers now have seamless access to Netflix content across all their devices.

The integration will see MediaKind complement current system architectures, together enabling VIVO to rapidly deliver new features that will transform the user experience, open up opportunities for monetization, improve operational efficiencies and attract new subscribers.

Clayton Cruz, SVP, Latin America Sales, says: “Today’s consumers expect to receive the content of their choice on their own terms, across multiple platforms, at any time – and we can see this through the burgeoning popularity of OTT services throughout Latin America. The growth of these new internet-based services means that modern middleware platforms must evolve to include OTT-style capabilities. By integrating the Netflix app into our Mediaroom TV platform via a simple software update, we are enabling VIVO to respond in kind, by providing flexible, cost effective means for them to enhance their IPTV service and deliver access to the best possible multiscreen experiences for their subscribers.”

Mediaroom is the world’s number one IPTV platform by market share and forms a key part of MediaKind’s Media Platforms portfolio, which also includes MediaFirst. Mediaroom is an essential product within MediaKind’s Orion solution family focusing on the experience for the consumer – the center of the MediaKind Universe. Its future proofed architecture enables a gradual and seamless evolution to next generation technology and highly engaging viewing experiences. MediaFirst is a next-generation, cloud-based Pay TV platform that is used for delivering constantly optimized, device agnostic and highly personalized media experiences.