NexPlayer and WeTek develop E2E OTT solution supporting Widevine DRM

Friday, March 15th, 2019
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NexPlayer and WeTek Partner Up to Develop a Multiscreen E2E OTT Solution Supporting Widevine DRM

WeTek and NexPlayer have partnered to create a full end-to-end OTT platform supporting Widevine DRM with both HLS & DASH. As WeTek is well known for its unparalleled expertise in video quality, NexPlayer’s video player SDK is trusted to ensure highquality playback and Widevine Modular DRM content protection for the WeCast platform. This solution can be deployed on Android, iOS, Android TVs, Android STBs, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, and HTML5.

Our online video platform, WeCast, is a customizable OTT platform that allows media organizations to monetize and deliver their video content anywhere, anytime, with virtually no constraints. It provides intuitive solutions from content management to multiscreen delivery, tailored frontends, business intelligence, and high-security levels. As part of its commitment to customers, WeTek guarantees that its platform works on all devices and that content is protected from digital theft. By incorporating NexPlayer SDK, this result is assured; content running on the WeCast white-label OTT solution will play seamlessly across all devices and be secured with Widevine DRM.

NexPlayer is a video player providing high-quality playback across all devices and the most advanced feature set on the market. Features supported by NexPlayer SDK include low latency with CMAF Low Latency Chunks, customizable ABR, offline playback, and time-shifting. Through NexPlayer’s unique partnership with Google, they have developed the only Widevine player working across all Android, iOS, Tizen, and webOS devices while supporting both HLS & DASH streaming.

Other solutions are only able to support Widevine on a limited number of Android devices and solely with DASH. NexPlayer’s flexibility in this area is very useful, as WeTek only needs to prepare HLS content with Widevine and it will have cross-platform support. The alternative would be preparing the same content for both HLS & DASH and using different DRMs, which wastes time and money as it greatly increases the encoding, packaging, and storage efforts.

Compared to other DRMs, Widevine has a key advantage in that it is a royalty free Google technology including unlimited clients and access to the license servers. Widevine was created to offer a secure alternative to other DRMs and is quickly becoming the most widely used DRM on the market. As a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner (CWIP), NexPlayer is authorized to pre-integrate Widevine into its player SDKs and distribute it on a global scale.

“We are happy to provide WeTek with a secure Widevine player for a wide range of platforms,” says Carlos Lucas, General Manager of NexPlayer. “With the threat of digital theft growing at an ever-increasing rate, it is essential that OTT solutions protect their content with DRM, and Widevine is the clear choice. Beyond that, making sure their content can reach any user regardless of device or OS version is crucial to providing the optimal viewing experience.

NexPlayer is trusted by over 300 premium video service providers worldwide to do just that, and we will continue working with WeTek to jointly develop new technologies that address the needs of the market.”

“We are proud to have NexPlayer by our side boosting our top of the line security in video distribution”. Hugo Condesa, WeTek CEO adds “Multi-platform convergence is seen as a big challenge, one we are more than comfortable of overcoming with a strong, reliable and, most of all, experienced partnership. Offering users the possibility to flow between different devices and OS versions, while enjoying the same premium experience, is one of our priorities and NexPlayer addresses the same concerns.”