ContentWise opens its UX engine to third-party software

Friday, April 5th, 2019
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ContentWise Introduces Open Connector, Opening Up UX Engine Platform to Any Third-Party Software

LOS ANGELES, CA — ContentWise, the leading provider of user experience and metadata automation solutions for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators, today announces the introduction of “Open Connector” a transformative new feature in its user experience management suite.

De facto this release opens ContentWise up to third-party features, moving the ContentWise platform at the very center of user experience orchestration. Open Connector allows the seamless integration of virtually any software, data feed, use case or algorithm on the platform, radically changing the value equation for operators.

Operators that have invested time and money in software packages or in-house solutions to manage recommendations, personalization, content discovery, machine learning or search, can now natively integrate external use cases or features straight into ContentWise.

Unlike its competitors, ContentWise does not force operators to port or rewrite their use cases but allows them to leverage the investments they already made and use Open Connector to integrate them within ContentWise’s industry-leading management solution.

Thanks to Open Connector, operators can for example:

  • Natively integrate any external video service, such as streaming platforms, in their OTT application UI.
  • Layer legacy integrations, like DVR systems, onto their streaming service.
  • Include ad-supported content and carousels in their service.
  • Integrate recommendation feeds from third-party discovery engines.

Open Connector technology ensures that third-party features and use cases leverage the full spectrum of profiling, targeting and management capabilities built into ContentWise such as machine learning, UI personalization, content discovery, recipes, and predictive analytics.

Mario Scriminaci, Head of Products at ContentWise said: “ContentWise’s mission is to be the single point of control in charge of the entire digital discovery and consumption experience. To do that, we offer the widest range of use cases out-of-the-box, but we did not stop at that. With Open Connector we can now support any use case that any customers could possibly envision, no matter how unique.”