CNI, Minerva and Anevia enable ultra low-latency OTT streaming

Friday, April 5th, 2019
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Com Net Inc., Minerva and Anevia Unveil Ultra Low-Latency OTT Service

LAS VEGAS — NAB — Com Net, Inc. (CNI), a leading provider of operation support solutions to Communications Service Providers, Minerva, a global supplier of next-generation video entertainment platforms, and Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, have unveiled the addition of a new low-latency streaming service to Minerva’s YourTV Now cloud video offering.
Minerva YourTV Now, powered by CNI’s video headend, now features a new low-latency streaming service, ideal for the OTT delivery of live sporting events. Anevia’s low-latency video processing technology removes the lag, typically in the 15-20 second range, between broadcast TV and live streaming.

Minerva YourTV Now is the first service in North America offering such ultra-low latency streaming capabilities thanks to Anevia’s latest encoding, storage and delivery technology, based on the emerging CMAF-LLC standard. The Anevia software, installed in CNI’s headend in Wapakoneta, Ohio, includes:

  • Anevia’s Genova encoder for low-latency encoding
  • Anevia’s NEA-LIVE for low-latency storage and packaging
  • Anevia’s NEA-CDN for low-latency delivery.

“The ultra-low latency feature is a key differentiator vis-a-vis competing OTT offerings. We look forward to enabling sports fans all over the country to watch the games they love on the screens they want, without spoiler effects from their neighbors or from social media,” said Randall Plaisier, CTO of CNI.

“Service providers have now one more reason to upgrade their legacy television offering. With Minerva’s YourTV Now service, operators can now deliver a superior experience to their subscribers on a full range of devices, including STBs, connected consumer devices (BYODs), tablets and mobile phones,” said Jean-Georges Fritsch, CTO at Minerva Networks.

“We are thrilled we can now support low-latency streaming, allowing services like Minerva’s YourTV Now to compete effectively against traditional broadcast delivery systems. When it comes to live sporting events, Minerva’s customers can now offer television services comparable to those delivered by Cable TV and IPTV systems,” stated Damien Lucas, CTO & Co-founder of Anevia.

Book a meeting at NAB to see a demo of the CNI service at Anevia’s booth in the French Pavilion; Booth SU4317.