Red Bee Media achieves 3.5 second latency for live OTT

Thursday, April 11th, 2019
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Red Bee Media Achieves 3.5 Second Latency for Live OTT Feed with Open Standards Technology During NAB 2019

Red Bee Media has reached record low latency on their live OTT feed during NAB 2019 – reaching as low as 3.5 seconds, glass to glass which is faster than traditional broadcasting feeds. This accomplishment was achieved using commoditized cloud-based, open source standard technology, utilizing open internet connectivity only. Red Bee Media is showcasing their Managed OTT Offering on stand SU1620 at NAB 2019.

On the second day of NAB Show 2019, Red Bee Media managed to reach a record low latency on their live OTT feed. The feed is created with a live camera transmitting from the NAB trade show floor to their European cloud via the open internet, exploiting the open standard SRT transport protocol. The Red Bee Media Channel Store then processes the live signal for distribution and pushes back to origin and across the Content Delivery Network (CDN) back to Las Vegas utilizing the open standard Chunked CMAF.

Having showcased latency at around 10 seconds on the Monday, the OTT team brought it down to as low as 3.5 seconds on Tuesday morning, April 9th.

“This is a true milestone for Red Bee Media and our Managed OTT Services offering”, says Steve Russell, Head of OTT and Media Management at Red Bee Media “We are very proud to have achieved latency this low, using only open standard technology and it really shows the strength of our team and our offering. We can now deliver video to OTT faster than traditional television. We are determined to drive OTT as a premium viewing experience.”

The Red Bee Media Managed OTT Services is built on a cloud-based technology and utilizes open standards wherever possible. It supports a wide array of use cases, including premium live events, linear channels, catch-up and video-on-demand with a full range of monetization options and in-depth audience insights. In the effort of decreasing latency for their live OTT feed, Red Bee Media has worked with Haivision and Anevia.

Red Bee Media is showcasing its full managed services offering at NAB Show 2019 at stand SU1620.